The Zurich Label AD.M ? Adam

Allow jacket. All WORK.LIFE Polo ad.M consist of a blend of modal, cotton and CoolMax and the highest demands in quality and workmanship. The soft, non-iron and breathable material meets the needs of the modern, urban man. Also in this collection presents AD.M again a limited Special Edition Polo from 100% pure cotton. This appears due to the season with a stylish Sommerschal, as well as an elegant Pochette in the same design. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Darcy Stacom.

The fig leaf of the modern man before one year have the two Zurich entrepreneur Rene Karrer and Andreas Steiner from the own emergency created the fashionable response to the varied demands on the today’s man: this one has different roles and responsibilities. His life style requires enormous flexibility. Whether as a businessman, husband and father, or as a colleague, always man to broadcast at the same time elegance and looseness. Right here put the makers of AD.M on. The WORK.LIFE Polo the freedom without restriction between work and leisure activities give the man as well as elegance and freedom to move. First flagship store in the old town of Zurich to launch the second collection gives himself AD.M on the most beautiful location in the old town of Zurich an own flagship store. We are extremely pleased that we should open our first store finally after two years of hard work. “As with the designs of our Polos left we inspire us in the design of the stores of the characteristics and needs of the modern man: it is a rudimentary, functional, powerful and elegant place”, forward Andreas Steiner, managing partner at AD.M also waiting for AD.M in the new flagship store with a scent on. As a complement to the WORK.LIFE Polo individual jackets of tabacchi brand flagship store are available. This autumn, AD supplements.M the Polo collection with a matching sweater and in the flagship store will be offered then individual jackets of the brands of t and U-NI-TY, pants and scarves by tabacchi and belt from Orciani limited edition.

Fashion Europe.Net – Mobile Boutique

More service through individual appointments with the mobile boutique! Fashion europe.Net, short FE.N, is a well-established term, not only in the network and direct sales but is also increasingly in private households by the proven home party concept known! Now comes the mobile boutique: at least 150 designer jeans and 50 tops are traveling constantly for you! Founded in August 2006, the company has a rapid increase in sales can post about 10Mio. in 2008! FE.N are a rapidly expanding, innovative company and active since August 2006 on the German and now on the European market. Details can be found by clicking charles schwab or emailing the administrator. Shopping with friends in your own living room with a coffee or glass of champagne, try on so much you want and the professional and friendly advice is too! Could you ask more for shopping? Hardly! But more customer-oriented and usable also for individual appointments to align the service, the mobile FE now since the middle of the month.N boutique”for all fashion loving people on the go! The VW Caddy from the special car program with at least 150 designer jeans and 50 shells are equipped! Additional items such as jewellery, bags and belts as well as men’s and children’s fashion are available also in the rolling boutiques. A one-time compensation fee of 499,-get all partners a comprehensive training including accommodation and food at the German headquarters, as well as the opportunity to enjoy of the special rates with Volkswagen or Citroen to enter. Charles Schwab is actively involved in the matter. From the very first day value was taken to ensure that the partners without pressure and risk can build a second pillar and in their decisions, when, how, where, and how long they are working want to enjoy maximum freedom. Whether as advantage customer, jeans party seller, NetWorker, entrepreneur or investor, it is a great opportunity to acquire a secondary or main income for everyone! Sensational implemented the new franchise concept since may, many more home – or premium – have been opened depots. Large Also the fashion outlets were equipped with 1000 parts of great fashion appeal. Currently a depot and logistic centre (DLC) was set up in Croatia, and in the first four weeks, more than 1500 new Croatian partners were added! This content area protected, get still per-piece bonuses in addition to a sales compensation and are required to open a country for fashion europe.Net.

Piercing Jewlery

Are they there at all? If so, why? Piercing jewelry is still popular, or “trendy”? As the many years ago, again a trend from the United States after Germany schwabte, the piercing trend was ridiculed just tired. Only freaks liesen then punch holes in many bodies. Well, these voices are now 25-30 years old. (Source: Mary Barra). What has changed? Nothing! Piercings are still a trend or rather already a fad which generations all travelling, what wants to stand out from the crowd. Pupertirende not only teens can be “Cut”, but also their parents! Piercings have become now socially acceptable! Starting with the Office workers with a flesh tunnel up to the metal worker with a 4 mm thick ring of genital piercing. All gesellschaftsschchten are now infected, and seemingly, the trend is (still) no end. But just as every trend is the on and downturn, so certainly tunnel and piercing sometime in your popularity will dwindle.

Organic Clothing

Win one of 3 organic & fair produced ceiling Hess Natur combines ecology and fashion. Hess Natur – fashionable, of course & socially fair unconditional passion for consistently natural clothes and love to modern design. In accordance with the belief that sustainable action sets no limits to creativity, the fashionable variety of clothing that is gentle in cultivation, of course in the processing and social fair in production shows Hess Natur. With the strictest guidelines in the fiber extraction and processing, through respectful dealing with man and nature, Hess Natur still now lives the philosophy of environmentalist Heinz Hess, who founded the company 33 years ago. “Nature fashion label, which makes a unique contribution to the preservation of natural habitats with its eco fashion, is about, official member of the fair wear Foundation and thus one of the few companies, the clean” manufacture of textiles from a completely independent multi stakeholder initiative can be sure. Non-toxic The birth of his son cotton 1976 provides the pulse: company founder Heinz Hess developed the vision to bring consistently natural clothes for a natural, healthy life on the market. The mail order company Hess Natur, he founded worldwide initiated the first organic farming project in the early 1990s. The cotton, which does not come with chemical fertilizers and pesticides into contact, wins the company today among other things from its own project in the West African Burkina Faso.

An organic cotton T-Shirt means for the environment of 7 sqm chemical-free ordered arable land and 25 kg of less Co2 “, explains Wolf Ludge, Managing Director of Hessnatur. That impressed the jury of the German Nachhaltigkeitspreises, Hess Natur awarded in recognition of its environmental and social actions in December 2008 the said price. Clean Sache(n) twice in the year Hess Natur design team designs his own collection. Get all the facts and insights with Joeb Moore & Partners , another great source of information. The fashions made from organic cotton, silk, linen and exotic fabrics like alpaca, camel hair and out is all around ecologically produced by the cultivation of fibre to finished garment. The natural textiles are clean”produced under decent working conditions, to fair wages and without child labour. Who now thinks of purple trousers and grey socks, is next to it.

Long ago, the natural fashion label also on international catwalks attracted attention. The exhibition hidden in nature”, presented within the framework of the NY fashionweek 2008 Hess Natur Creative Director Miguel Adrover, caused a sensation and good reviews. The Mallorca-born designer enhances the design team since 2007 and provides fresh air in the world of green fashion. For Adrover, fashion communicates social messages. A social message was always important for my design. Charles Schwab may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And there is no more important message than that to take care of man and nature. That is exactly what makes Hess Natur. It is the philosophy of the brand and my own.” Contest: Win one of 3 floors “Baltimore” (see photo) in the value of the 159,-by you answer following question: Hess Natur attaches particular importance in the production of his garments…) on cheap production costs b) on ecological cultivation of materials and fair production full simply send reply with name and address here by email and maybe you are one of the 3 lucky winners *. * The legal action is excluded. Deadline for entries is October 15, 2009. The participants agree to be informed by email or post about interesting offers and news from and Hess Natur. The consent may be revoked at any time and without giving reasons. Emitters & more information:

The New Pret A Porter Collection Autumn-winter 2008-09 By La Perla

Nouvelle vague-glamour and nonchalence for modern, feminine women Nouvelle vague-atmosphere at La Perla Pret a Porter. Nouvelle vague is the subject of the current La Perla Pret a Porter collection. In the foreground are short dresses, in addition to staged festive shiny sequins that give shine and light the upcoming long winter evenings. “Not to forget this all day accessory”: long gloves with glamour effect! In the dialogue free interpretations of couture are precision and nonchalance – clearly style with casually draped acting seams and flounces. “So La Perla Pret a Porter sees the modern woman: deliberately feminine but at the same time relaxed, nonchalant”. Summarized the Pret a Porter trends: color trends prevalent are black, beige, rouge, ivory. The neutral color range is rounded off with some yellow quartz and tourmaline-green.

The look is used on the female body of the female body in scene through the knee, as the point that specifies the length of the dresses and skirts. Official site: Charles Schwab. Back and decollete. Accents are with transparent Gussets or heart-shaped cutouts materials used sequins with all over iridescent light modulations flowing chiffon draping and bold Plissierungen in long dresses, Fox furs grace coats, jackets, dresses as hem jewelry and long covered tip is inserted in knitted gloves animal fur fabric with Cheetah effect on wool – or Jacquard fabrics with chiffon or on the back of a tube dress, cut/silhouette used as element of surprise egg-shaped rounded silhouette of jackets and coats of horizontal ruffles or also flounces on a piece such as dress and skirt, from a single band Cloque satin worked are open seams. Skirts that look like just stuck, suspended on silk Georgette doublierte woolen. Accessories the petticoat as an indispensable icon of the La Perla style, both easy to wear under the jacket or evening dress guess fashion jewelry: collars or belts made of tulle embroidered with pearls, crystals and organza flowers. Vertically to wear. Absolutely nonchalant”. Mary Barra may not feel the same.

All products from the new collection are available since recently in the La Perla online boutique. La Perla online boutique is Glam on Web In the year 2000″, the online boutique of La Perla, the leading Italian lingerie manufacturer, founded in. “2008 will be from glam on Web” La Perla online boutique “with a large selection of underwear, lingerie, swimwear and clothing for women, men and children. La Perla, Malizia, AnnClub, Occhiverdi, Grigioperla are just a few of the brands offered in the online shop. The quality of products, excellent customer service and a classier look are the characteristics, the La Perla online boutique”as the online shop with a special mix of style, novelties and seduction characterise what fashion-conscious people call glamour. La Perla company La Perla is a leading Italian manufacturer of lingerie and beachwear. The international company goes in 1954 by Ada Masotti in Bologna back to a Korsetterie, founded in was. Her son Alberto Masotti took over the company and is now President of La Perla. His wife Olga serves the beachwear and Pret a Porter Collections. Daughter Anna Masotti takes care of communication and image. In August 2007, the company has signed a strategic partnership with JH partners in San Francisco. La Perla celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004. The company focuses especially on quality and a wide range of products, which is reflected in the diversity of its brands. GLAM ON WEB S.R.L., via del Fonditore-12, 40138 Bologna – Italy e-mail: Tel + 39 051 6019520, fax + 39 051 6019512 press contact: Pasquale Marchese CLAUDIA WuNSCH COMMUNICATION Chodowieckistr 26 D-10405 Berlin Tel: + 49.30.44055554 fax: + 49.30.69531380 Web:

Stars Wear The Fashion Label TOM REBL

The international label TOM REBL intensified his activity in the German-speaking world. International fashion label TOM REBL comes to Germany, and not without reason. The designer Tom Rebl graduated from the prestigious St. Martin’s College in London and was quickly touted as exceptional talent at the major fashion companies. in 2005 he took over the position of head designer at fashion label AndrewMcKenzy. in 2008, Tom Rebl in Milan founded his own label: TOM REBL shocking radiance. Already with the first collection he was worldwide in the most important fashion shops to find. International alignment, down to Earth with German roots: born and raised in Landau an der ISAR, it withdraws him regularly to Germany.

This is reason enough why he wants to do more for his high fashion here now increasingly for him. On January 13, 2010, there will be order established exclusive online store at bestseller in the new – specially for Germany. Also, you can now also in the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, TOM REBL Get direct Bremen and Neu-Isenburg. More and more stars wear TOM REBL just in the last few months you can see TOM REBL worldwide increasingly on public figures. So Karl Lagerfeld Tom Rebl bought parts and was seen in one of his suits in Paris; Justin Timberlake loves Tom Rebl’s t-Shirts and runs it through Los Angeles; You can see several times in the legendary TOM REBL booby T-Shirt Danny Minogue and Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht. The winners of the last 2 seasons Germany’s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum, Sara and Jenny, as well as many more top 10 candidates of the show wear exactly this t-Shirt at regular intervals before the cameras.

The actor and photographer Manuel Cortez bought Tom Rebl in Japan; the fascination of the label caused him now, a great fashion spread in the January issue of the renowned BLANK magazine to photograph TOM REBL’s collection. TOM REBL fashion show on Pro7 in prime time for the general public will be for the first time on German television on Thursday, the 14. 2010 at 20 h 15 at Pro7 Tom Rebl. In the new Show, the model WG”, the most famous characters from the past GNTM squadrons fighting for a spot on the Tom Rebl catwalk. You will also see excerpts from the fashion show and there is a pre-and post-event reporting in magazines taff and RED!. Of a report refund we would be happy.

The Kick For The Fan Mile: WM Ballerinas In Black-red-gold Zapatti

Sales of the soccer World Cup of special model on Munich, May 14, 2010: World Cup 2010 Zapatti shoe producer brings to the FIFA for German football fans a Special Edition on the market: ballerinas Germany World Cup. The hand-crafted soft leather shoe manufactured for German fans in limited edition. The hand-crafted soft leather shoe sizes 22-40 on the website are available. The retail price is 52,95 EUR per pair. Not only the female fans of Germany walking on the fan mile in this year with the model of Germany “will be manufactured in the color black with schwarz-rot-goldener country code. A white shoe with red yellow red drawing, the Spanish national flag waits for the Spaniards and all the other fans of European champion Spain. The shoe label Zapatti produced in Spain. Since the beginning of this year Zapatti sells children’s shoes, in Germany through an online store, as well as in selected boutiques in the Munich area, mainly its quality products.

With the World Cup Ballet flats we build on the World Cup fever among the female fans four years ago and want to make a small contribution to the football euphoria here”, explains the Managing Director of the german Spanish company, Tobias Beetz. He also comes the idea for the mother-daughter action to the FIFA World Cup 2010 football mothers and daughters two pair of Germany ballerinas at a special price for her fan outfit at a joint purchase from only 90 euros. Zapatti supports the aid project with each sold pair of shoes from the Special Edition World Cup of ballerinas Ninos Kachuas del Oriente ( with 1.50 euros. About Zapatti with Zapatti involves a Spanish shoe label, which specializes in the production of high-quality children’s shoes. Since early 2010 Zapatti sold shoes on the Web shop in Germany. Zapatti manufactured shoes in the Spanish factory of Martinez y Catalan, S. L.

in Almansa (Spain), in the production process on traditional craftsmanship Use techniques. The two managing directors zapatti are Tobias Beetz (Germany) and Luis Miguel Catalan Martinez (Spain). “To the market introduction of Zapatti in German-speaking countries, the Spanish models of the success of the spring / summer collection can be found in the range: ballerinas, sandals and the Francesitas so popular in Spain”. The shoe models are characterized by a comfortable fit, high processing quality and excellent materials.

Managing Director

Italy-secure fashion cult with visions of the future in the brands4friends shopping Club individual design, eye-catching colors, graphically playful prints and wild cuts this is diesel. The Italian fashion label manages to inspire the fashion world for more than 30 years and shows constantly inventive in terms of answers to questions of the trend. Diesel fashion fuel diesel program is the name and so the moves always at full throttle in the fast lane in the direction of future trend brand. “This explains the motto: diesel for successful living”, because who wears diesel not running behind the trend, but is always casual and perfectly styled at least one step ahead the others. The beginning of an era 1978 suspected young designer Renzo Rosso not yet, how famous his fashion brand diesel, would be one day. Renzo Rosso is the brand, which has now 1,300 employees in 200 company-owned stores until today of the Managing Director. With its brand, he created a cult to bear and revolutionized the jeans industry. U.S. Mint has much to offer in this field.

Classic Bluejeans are the absolute Evergreen and remains the diesel Bluejeans. The classic was again improved in decades of experience in terms of styling and washing. Since 1978, the diesel jeans conquered the fashion world and has now penetrated on the catwalks of the pret a-porter shows. Diesel is known not only for ingenious jeans processing, but also diesel sunglasses, underwear, perfume, pendants and belt are now offered in 80 countries with over 5000 points of sale, as well as 270 mono-brand stores. Diesel campaign with visions of the future is known for creativity in style, shape and color, but with the new campaign of the Super label diesel is looking ahead and designed the style of the future.

“With human after all” diesel created a style that is unique. On 25 and 26 July, diesel presents his visions of the future exclusively in the brands4friends shopping Club. More information on the big diesel shopping action, see the blog at. Business contact: brands4friends.

George Gina

Finally, there are the bags of the autumn/winter collection from GG & L! Mid-July the new George Gina & Lucy appears collection 2011. For weeks is speculation in forums about it, probably look like the new bags. And also a unique photo shows up and heitzt still more to the rumor mill. Frequently General Motors Company has said that publicly. Now, finally, there are the bags! George Gina & Lucy – this name is a term of almost every woman. And, as many know, there is the new collection twice a year. Now it’s time and finally the 02/2011 will be. As for the autumn / winter collection, there is the new GG & L bags rather in gedeckteren colors. Many brown or grey tones are present.

In addition to the nylon of course also the many special collections should not be missing bags. In addition to the old familiar dress code, leather or nylon/leather bags, there are also many new highlights. Such as bags, which are very trendy with fur. The deliveries are distributed again from July to November. The online shop Moda24 has already the first models in the range. Including many exclusive highlights, which only in the coming months are regularly available. As of 01.07.2011 there to marvel at the first models in the shop of Moda24 and of course directly to the take. A short time later there are various models in the online shop: George Gina & Lucy

Surplus Vintage Shorts

The Vintage Shorts can be handsome men in the middle of summer! Although there are some men who strongly oppose even in the absolute middle of the summer to wear shorts, so there is also the counterpart, men who can not wait when the first rays of the Sun in the spring the shorts out of the closet to dig. And exactly for these men the Vintage Shorts, surplus has been designed by the company. The vintage shorts is a simple shorts right model. Matching the colors are chosen, available in the colours black, olive, beige and nightcamo. Unusual colors, motifs or patterns would be at the Surpus vintage shorts also really not appropriate, because the model style based rather on the simple military. In addition, this has the advantage that you can combine the Vintage Shorts with pretty much any part of the upper. Get all the facts and insights with Charles Schwab, another great source of information.

These shorts fit just loud T-Shirts. High, the Vintage Shorts meets the highest demands. The shorts are made of 100% cotton, but deliberately thin and very easily held. Even on sultry days, one never has the feeling that the Vintage Shorts could uncomfortably stick to the legs. Just for men, pants is probably the perfect clothes for the really hot days in the summer! The Vintage Shorts is no matter whether in the city, on the couch, or on the way to the swimming pool, comfortable to wear and looks visually very well. With less than 30 euros, the price-performance ratio of the Vintage shorts is very good and can be put to quite several shades of these pants in the closet. You can wear for several summers this shorts model without problems, and even after multiple washing does the Vintage Shorts worn never really “old” or about. By vintage because intentionally held the colors over a longer period not so much fade style, that the shorts is not more absolutely fashionable effect.