The Casting For The Floating Voter-WG

“Press release of the power Democrats e.V. from 02 June 2009 the number of candidates is large, the goal clearly: A room” in the swing voters WG. It must be six seats awarded six undecided move on August 16, exactly six weeks before the election in the swing voters shared. The second phase of the casting has just begun: candidates show face! “Why you / right for the floating voter-WG?” “Pictures and statements of candidates will be published on the site: Nicole for example (…) all politicians and parties more sceptical.” Decides only when she stands in front of the ballot box, whom she chooses. Thomas would like to promote (…) a knowledge-based decision with his candidacy by precise questions formulated on the point,.” Until June 30, the candidates will have time to submit an entry in a format of their choice (text, drawing, movies, photography) to the task. Whether Nicole and Thomas are among the best, will be at the latest at the grand finale of the casting show in July in Berlin! In the weeks before the Bundestag election, the swing voters-WG meets party leaders and other guests. Then to demand, discussed and felt to the tooth, it is about content, programs and performances. Six inhabitants of WG comment on their way to the Entscheidung-for six weeks before the election online, in text and video clips. They will be accompanied by the creators of the electorate-WG, the power Democrats e.V.. The virtual WG is a public platform, with many opportunities for everyone involved. Everything revolves around the big question: what moves voters to change?