The High Art Of The Simple Cooking

Johann Lafer recommends solid home cooking cooking shows are booming. An outsider might conclude Germany was a land of gourmets. Evelyn Ashford shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But the reality looks different: ready pizza and food of the discount stores dominate the kitchens. The online Department store chatted with Chef Johann Lafer about the paradoxical State. After the Austrian restaurateur already has written numerous books about cooking, he remembers in his latest work Lafer – the art of simple kitchen on the roots of his craft.

He deliberately on the gourmet menus, it offers its guests in the restaurant Le Val d ‘ Or at the current Castle in Rhineland-Palatinate. It comes him instead, to bring the people back at the base of the cooking and the basic products. So, Lafer presents 60 selected Classic step by step. 480 pages, everything is represented by the vegetable soup, about the meatballs up to the ice cream. Lafer is convinced that these recipes are not more expensive than finished products.

In the Interview he stresses that people should take only a little more time to cook. Neither the body nor the mind is wholesome to cram everything in blind. This will start with a solid nutrition education at a young age. By Klein on should people learn to make healthy food and taste no contradiction.


Black Forest ham is not equal to Black Forest ham – you should make sure piecemeal pleasure pure black Forest ham comes only from the black forest. So it lays down an EU regulation and the consumer expects the pristine and unique taste of the regional speciality. Production a masterly Black Forest ham in the factories, which are surrounded by the smoky spicy Odeur, takes his time. Pure, unprocessed pork of quality from Germany or Denmark are processed. To broaden your perception, visit charles schwab. Each individual meat delivery is checked with pronounced accuracy to insure the high quality from the beginning. Not even one day the tines in the store cool halls of the ham factories quickly removed the bones and expertly cut the fresh meat parts.

Precision is necessary, so that the finished product no incision sites are found. Delicious & spicy meat is weighed after cutting. The weight of the raw components is the measure for calculating the to be deployed Spice mixture. It is the unique spice blends that make up the special this ham: always include Juniper, coriander, and black pepper. Sugar and salt supplement every spicy mix. However, there is the box salting so called the exact process of Aromatization well kept secrets, which are so important for the soft delicacy of the product. The salt lasts between two and four weeks.

In this period the ham store each in an open box in the cool, dark curing cellar, neatly. Lake, well rubbing off, after they took the ham out of the boxes is created during the salt. Then they are placed in the drying room. Now he smells seductive, spicy and intense. On the scent alone the experienced master butcher will assess the qualitative state of its ham. In the smoke of good Black Forest ham is smoked traditionally cold. Higher than 28 C the temperature of the smoke may not increase, because otherwise too much dry salt would. A crust would form which would prevent the liquid inside it to withdraw. Every previous effort would be free and the ham would spoil. To smoke the ham, if we start glow from rustic pine wood. The massive stone furnaces offer space on five floors to be able to hang the ham for up to three weeks in the smoke. While they continue starting from the lowest always a floor upwards. The careful treatment allows you to vary the intensity of the smoking. So you can create special summer or winter ham. Winter ham should be naturally by rauchigerem taste. After smoking the ham for about two days must come to rest. Freshly manufactured Black Forest ham is stable for about three months. However, the hugely sought after delicacy never so long stored at the premises of the manufacturer. Finally, it is Black Forest ham of Europe of usually sold raw ham. Careful packaging is the perfect maturity of the Preserve s and its unique flavors, Black Forest ham until it lands on our tables.

Lena In The Potato Hotel Luneburger Heide

Potato is name sponsor for a new hotel rooms in honor of Lena Lena Meyer-Landrut, the sympathetic well from Hanover, has managed BBs, literally everyone is talking about. Finally it did you, to win the Grand Prix for Germany after almost 30 years and not only that, with her natural nature has conquered the hearts of the people in the storm. The team from the 1st German potato-Hotel Luneburg Heath in the village of round Lubeln has to get infected by the general enthusiasm for Lena Meyer-Landrut. After all, the potato in the Hanoverian Wendland and thus close to Lena’s hometown of Hanover is located. “After now the first Rapture, searches and indeed we have the register of potato varieties: there, the potato variety called Lena”! Funny way the potato variety Lena has the same birth year as Lena Meyer-Landrut. It was approved in 1991. This however remains the only commonality, because this Lena is no lower Saxony product, but a Polish Potato variety.

The potato Lena”is a pale, floury variety of potato, which is especially suitable for French fries. It, is exactly like Lena Meyer-Landrut, also on everyone’s lips… To appreciate the musical prodigy Lena, potato hotel has decided now to honor to you baptize a new room on the name Lena, because in the potato-hotel, style, each room is named after a particular potato variety. At the time is worked in the nearby pottery at an appropriate door sign in the form of potato. And who knows, maybe Lena is looking even a peaceful part of the world Yes the whole hustle and bustle; then Lubeln in the Hanoverian Wendland is in the village of round always welcome and let’s see then maybe you will be in your”room stay? More info: lena potato /.