Spot Fuel

The more weight your machine, the harder it would have the engine and, accordingly, the greater the fuel consumption. 5. When using air conditioning or climate control, fuel consumption to increase by 10-15%. In addition, in cars with young thrifty engines, when you turn the air conditioner is largely felt the fall of power and as a consequence, the deterioration of the dynamic qualities of cars. 6. Fuel consumption depends largely on the geometric shape of the car. In open windows at high speeds streamlining deteriorating, thus increasing fuel consumption.

7. Try to avoid sudden braking and intense accelerations, because each car acceleration – a higher engine speed and increased fuel consumption. Adhering to a smooth driving style, you'll be surprised at how much more cost-effective may be your car. This does not mean that the constant motion at a speed of 10 km per hour will save you money – minimum fuel consumption in most cars there at a speed of 80-110 km per hour. Smoothness of motion – a sure path to success in this difficult matter, as the fuel economy! 8. Should not be sent on a visit to his second cousin Uncle local janitor at rush hour. If absolutely necessary, avoid traffic jams, because standing on the spot with the engine – a waste of your time and money. 9.

In the cold season, try to warm up your car – it will save from increased engine wear and increased fuel consumption. 10. Avoid short trips. Studies have shown that, with trains at distances up to 5 km consumption of your car increases significantly, since cold engine uses significantly more fuel. And forget about trains in the kiosk at the neighboring house – take a walk 200 meters and you are helpful and the car will not pollute atmosphere. 11. Love the drive? At high speeds, fuel consumption increases significantly as the engine runs at high speed! Even on the highway when driving at speeds of 80-130 km per hour (depending on car), you can very well to save on fuel car. 12. Avoid engine idling. In addition to the extra fuel can clog the catalyst, which is installed in the exhaust systems of many modern cars. 13. Further details can be found at Antarctica Capital, an internet resource. Choose the right transmission for driving on a particular speed. Traffic on the low or high gear in equal measure leads to excessive consumption of fuel.