Social Service Professional

Of the article of MARSIGLIA, Regina Giffoni Maria (PUC/FCMSCSP) Orientaes Basic for Research The author starts with an affirmation of that the theory is an organized knowledge that although the abstraction can explain ampler, allied reality the research and the practical one, is paradigms of production of the knowledge. It speaks of the double hand of the direction to search, either contributing in the perfectioning of the theories or putting in debate the made solid ones. In this direction the professional for the author the professional also represents a possibility of production of the knowledge, what she becomes common for the way of the after-graduation, adding itself it the empirical knowledge of making in the practical professional. Enaltece the development of sectors pledged in sponsoring some forms of research, either for fomenting subjects or groups of researchers, also in the Social Service, what the same one considers basic for the prxis in the production of so important knowledge how much to the academic research. Pontuando on social field it is clear its enchantment for the relevance of the exploratria research for the understanding of the subjects emergent, for allowing an approach between the realities that if distanciam when not attempted against in the linking between the possible reality and the speech of the ideal. This type of research if also improves, according to author, being able to be a very important instrument in daily of making the professional of the Social Assistant and for the futures.

The author makes a discursiva approach of the Assistemtica Comment to the Systematic Comment, detaching that making professional in the daily one more allows a detailed comment of what occurs in the base, serving for transformation of the Assistemticas Comments of the reality in Comment Systematic contributing so that the professional work if materializes in professional knowledge. She brings a historical story of the constitution of methodical knowledge e, according to author, currently exist better conditions for the development of production of knowledge in the Social Service, as well as in other areas that notadamente had notadamente conquered advances. However, the manifest author the care in detaching that the theoretical, metodolgicas research or on the practical one, is preceded of an initial preparation considering the work of field, analysis of the found material, and finally, presentation and advertising of the results. Citing some authors, the author presents in the text the stages or exploratria phase of the research, execution, work of field and analysis of the data, finishing with the movements of elaboration of the paradigms of the qualitative and quantitative research.