Second Home In Cyprus

Cyprus has become a second home for many Russians, the Russian language sounds very often and you can even find shops with Russian goods. ut as a related topic. On the island of Cyprus often purchase a home here and come to live or vacation lovers in this country travelers. Sunny island of Aphrodite – a favorable country for foreign residents. The island of Cyprus with a rich historical and cultural heritage, attracting, in addition, developed economy and the mild climate and warm sea. From the time of the ancient world called Cyprus 'blooming' and 'sunny'. Food in Cyprus is very tasty and healthy, is used a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Even by European standards Cyprus crime rate is extremely low. In Cyprus, there is no congestion. The right to residence permit, including offers and buying a house or apartment costs more than 300 000 euros. For owners of houses and apartments in Cyprus taxation fairly humanely. On the island excellent choice of houses and apartments to suit every taste.

It is not surprising that for the rest of life and a considerable number of foreigners buying a house in Cyprus. The Russians with the beginning of the financial crisis, won the leadership of foreign buyers of real estate, pushing at this point of perennial leaders – British. Prices in Limassol, for example, acquire property for themselves our fellow citizens, not decreased significantly during the crisis. Share transactions entered into by the Russians, was about 50%. The famous resort of Paphos with Limassol are very frequently visited places in the country among Russians.