When I do not know the rule of thirds in the previous entry of the basic course of photography we saw what was the rule of thirds in photography. At the end of the entry I warned that on certain occasions this rule can be ignored for pictures that seem most interesting to us. You will then indicate with examples cases in which I am ignorant of this rule. 1 Images reflected in some occasions we are photographing a landscape in which a mountain, town, etc. is reflected on a Lake, River, reservoir or other surface water.

Sometimes I decide to put the line that separates the actual image mirror right in the horizontal half of the picture. Thus with a certain balance and an effect of mirror image which leads the observer to go all photography contemplating and comparing the reflection with the reality. Even so I always try to avoid totally focus the horizontal line. To see the pictures visit: in this image, although the quality of the reflection is not excellent, I opted for rather focus the horizon to give prominence to the reflections. I do not usually do this if I note that the quality of the reflection is not especially good (in the former case a gust of wind as he ran the time on the timer of the camera messed me a little these reflexes). I would say that if it blows some wind that allows to appear reflexes but somewhat blurred, I try to give prominence to the real image leaving the horizontal line (which divides the reflection of reality) in the bottom third.