Nachwuchsautorin Diana

The debut novel of from Kassel, young author Diana K. Umbach is the perfect reading for the summer season. Never again I love you ‘? ” (NOVUM Verlag 2008), so the title of the debut novel by Diana K. Umbach, who has always dreamed to be writer. In the fall of 2006 it was finally so far; the then 26-year-old more or less out of a boredom brought out the first lines to paper and quickly came up with the taste of writing. In the story, I needed to think me not too much. Partly I have experienced everything himself.

Much has been also sealed added or amended. But in broad terms it is already my story. “Finally it is but so beautiful: life writes the best stories”, so Diana K. Umbach Literatina in an interview. About the book: Juliana and her crazy friends as an au pair in the idyllic Irish town of Carramore spent the best time of their life. Furthermore the women agree even eight years later. On the occasion of a Hen farewell they return to this place is connected with many memories and experiences in terms of love. There is the occasional funny, hysterical but also emotionally unexpected, exciting situation.

How many silly things can be committed actually on a weekend, how many hearts are newly inflamed or even broken? The Irish spring anyway, does his best to properly turn the head all involved. “Never again I love you?” is the unspoken yearning for the past and the art of releasing ability. What inspired the author, how it has ended up them from Germany to Sweden and even more, to work whether the projects, Diana K. Umbach answered in detail and with much charm in the interview: thread.php? threadid = 3920 Diana K. Umbach was born in the summer of 1980 in the Kassel, Hesse. After the technical school (direction of social work), lived and worked for a year as an au pair in Ireland. Affiliated followed a training to become a foreign language assistant. Two years later moved it to Holland, where she worked in Amsterdam for an American company. After a year in the big city, she moved on the West coast of Sweden, where she currently lives and full-time is employed as a clerk in the health care industry.