There are many books about mushrooms. They are all different. However, not all of them give detailed information, and not everywhere it is true. How to distinguish a good book from a bad one? Need to pay attention to some seemingly little things that may be crucial. * The book must be in addition to describing each type of mushroom basic concepts of edible, poisonous, places of growth, the general concepts and other things. * You should pay attention to the presence of Latin under the name of Russian name of the fungus. (Even if you do not need, it increases the likelihood that nothing will make a mess, and furthermore the fungus may have a different name, but almost always has one Latin name, which belongs to the species.) * Better, so that each species was illustrated with photographs rather than a picture that does not always give a correct idea of looks like a mushroom. From the photographs can sometimes be easier and faster to define and distinguish the fungus.

* The book should be of new books, as in Soviet books, there are some dangerous errors. This small book 'Encyclopedia of mushroom picker' is quite common, but does not meet the 2 nd and 3 rd paragraph, I've noticed in the book a bunch of errors and outdated data. Osteregaytis these books! Martina Knoop book 'All about mushrooms' (translated from German) of course is expensive. However, it meets the requirements, although it should be noted that the material is transferred from German, this should be considered, but in detail all the concepts, photos, and almost correct title. An example of a good book!