MPEG Video

Cisco 2600 can transmit simultaneously to the two video streams at resolutions up to Full D1 (720×576 pix.) At a speed of up to 25 k / s formats H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG. In addition, a surveillance camera has audio input / output, microphone, motion detector, and it can be used Day and night for a room. To configure the Cisco 2600 and control video from the camera can be used in Cisco Video Surveillance Manager, or third-party software. The high quality of transmitted images from the camera provide a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor and a modern processor, the video signal. For the video in a wide range of illumination with high-detail images in the Cisco 2600 is implemented high dynamic range (WDR), the maximum value reaches 120 dB. Due to the presence of the automatic white balance, backlight compensation and auto exposure, the camera generates video surveillance with high brightness, Contrast, sharpness and accurate color reproduction, and corrects distortions that can occur when shooting moving images.

Cisco 2600 has an aluminum housing that protects the camera from an electronic stuffing mechanical damage, and is designed for use indoors. Also, a surveillance camera can be used in unheated rooms or in outdoor conditions when it is installed in ThermoJacket. Because the Cisco 2600 is available without the lens optics for her chosen based on the geometry of the observed object and lighting conditions. In this case the manufacturer recommends the use of varifocal lenses with a focal range 3-8, 3.11 or 5-50 mm.