New exhibition stand in the Zenit Messebau GmbH Zenit Messebau GmbH design Configurator has expanded the trade fair stand design Configurator. If you don’t know the application, it can be online rental booths. The special thing about it is that it is possible directly in your own corporate design. Logos, graphics and corporate colours let himself through a simple Web browser online enter. The names of the individual models can easily remember, adapted to the great German venues. So there are three completed exhibition stands: “Fair stand Cologne” with many banners and a good effect, “Booth Berlin”, a simple and low-cost rental stand with 2 large banners, “Booth Munich”, with two multifunctional information steles and plenty of room for large exhibits all stands are of course not bound by the exhibition places. You can rent the “booth Munich” also in Dusseldorf and Leipzig. The new model “Booth Munich” is characterized by large open spaces for exhibits from.

It is a corner stand with high backs. In it you can make a characteristic Firmeumfeld. The user can colorize online the walls, E.g. directly in his corporate House colors. Who exactly knows its own colors, can manage this once with a quick selection. Mostly, but already the style guide or the website help to gather all information.

The presentation of the Messestaande takes place as usual in a minute, so practically in real time, and takes up the whole screen. On a large monitor, you get an accurate impression of how the own trade fair presentation can look directly. The use is free of charge until further notice, because the business model is financed through the actual buildings of exhibition stands. Behind the concept, two are experienced Furthermore, Zenit – Messebau GmbH and also the Internet Agency Oberberg – online information systems GmbH. There are applications to the “fair stand Cologne”, “Booth Berlin” and the new “Munich trade fair stand”:… Gerhard Ruhr