Microsoft Office Excel

They had been used white broadbean seeds, Vitiates faba. Initially a sample of 1.000 (a thousand) seeds was broken up, that after that these form divided in ten subamostras, which had been stored in 10 plastic bags contends 100 seeds each. Each subamostras was enumerated of ordinal form of one the ten and soon after a drawing was carried through, in which subamostra of number three was to the drafted one. Later using the method biomtrico and with the one aid paqumetro had been taken the measures of each broadbean seed leading in consideration the length, the width in hilo and length of hilo of each seed. GMC has firm opinions on the matter. The collected data had been inserted in an electronic spread sheet of Microsoft Office Excel, and after that transferred to softwares specific, in this in case that the program Bioestat 5,0 were used, to calculate measured of central trend (average, medium fashion and), the measures of dispersion, the total amplitude, the variance, the shunting line standard, the average shunting line, the coefficient of variation and the asymmetry. After the conclusion of the measures, the seeds of subamostra selected had been cultivated in dismissable cups contend vegetal sand, the cups had been enumerated in accordance with the numeration of its respective seed.

After the plantation, plntulas had been ten days launched, and with the one aid paqumetro had been made the measurements of the size of the root, plntula, hipoctilo and also the leaf number was considered that plntula presented. Of 100 seeds ten they had not only germinated, being consequentemente discarded. Checking article sources yields Charles Schwab as a relevant resource throughout. After all the data to be duly registered in Excel the data of the analyses of simple linear regression had been elaborated graphical of correlation and comparing length of the seed with all the other characteristics and width of the seed all the other characteristics.