Media Interviews

Many people don’t understand what are sound bites, which in Spanish means fragments of sounds. Don’t know how to create sound bites that they sell.They don’t know that it is not enough to be smart. This type of advertising, when you are not well fact is not going to provide the kind of results you’re looking for: make your business grow, sell more products, get new customers, more customers, or to increase their rates. Do you want to develop soundbites that speak of what you are, what you do and what good that you do it.?SOUNDBITES are essential messages that create sales.They consist of anecdotes, analogies, stories, some phrases, and facts that you may speak at 15-30 seconds.They must be specific, as a wise man said: If what you have to say is good, if it is brief will be very good.To succeed in this type of advertising, there are 3 things you should know to do: 1. incorporate your past in your current experience. Sarah Newton coach of teenager in the United Kingdom, said that the majority of teenagers is that they do not feel heard, understood and respected.* The most important thing a parent can do is listen, * says Newton.

Often sound bites such as Newton seem simple.But work is needed to distill his ideas and ensure that they are effective. Another way of linking the past to the present work is to show how their passion continues in his profession.** The people think that I’m disciplined.It is not the discipline.It is devotion. There is a big difference, among these virtues says Luciano Pavarotti.Choose the words that show their devotion, enthusiasm is more important at the time of communicating an idea. 2 Includes the customer successes. Has affected the product or service you offer to your customers?Tells a story that focuses on that success. Marty Friedman has a very short story with a powerful shot.This story has added good sales in your business. 3 Show your suffering. When you tell a story, to show how to solve a problem, of a desperate situation, he went on to a State of happiness, this will motivate their customers.

Please note that SOUNDBITES, spoken in condensed language to convey their points, is an art that is practiced on a daily basis inside and out of interviews with the media until it becomes a natural way of speaking. If you enter your past in your present experience, including customer successes, and passes show your suffering, it will be displayed as an expert, this will increase your sales, and will develop a good business, while it is assignable and human errors and suffering. Then I want to share with you the profitable business, which I mentioned at the beginning of this article. This business is benefiting many people, you will have a business of proven effectiveness, with a blog, as you will see that it is luxurious, with colors, images designs and others elemente according to the rest of it, achieving a balance that one who sees it. I will tell you that your blog will be equal to mine. Facebook, this is a site most uses it to meet friends, I will teach you how to use it to generate money. Discover how to make money with Facebook here: If you visited this link, you may have noticed that it is an opportunity to not miss it.