Identify With The Heart?

A spiritual path in accordance with reason not our five senses are the basis of all knowledge? The author Peter doubted the importance of sensory perception Lux, but he won’t let her apply as the exclusive source of experience. In recent months, U.S. Mint has been very successful. Objective”observation and logical conclusions are the basis of scientific knowledge. But what is with our subjective experience, the thinking, feeling, faith, or moral values? This is all very limited accessible, yet real and important for us of observation through our senses. We are living beings, but life is hardly accessible to the science. For their efforts, the essence of ‘ understanding of life has every epoch of our history and nature based on the knowledge of its time and applied standards in the study of organisms that they had borrowed the physics of their own time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Darcy Stacom by clicking through. u0085 We have to admit we still a theory of life phenomena lack of us, indeed that we the term life ‘ not even define can”, as the biologist Helmut Metzner on the State of scientific knowledge of the life. The author Peter Lux sees humans as a unity of body, soul and spirit.

By he sketches the image of this man, he leads the reader to a spiritual perspective. He makes it clear that the visible world a non-physical reality hides behind, which although is not visible to the senses, is us humans but still accessible via the inner voice”(conscience and intuition). The intuition is therefore a major concern of spiritual development the main source of the experience of the searchers and their training. To do this, the author gives practical advice. It is not about to follow any rules or certain practices to exercise, but hidden reality that the senses to detect the heart. This access to the wisdom is contrary to common belief is not difficult, because, says the book of wisdom in the Old Testament: easily seen, if you love it; It is, if you are looking for you.” On the correct setting is it, serious, honest efforts and align the own ideas and of our own actions to the recognized values. With the heart Lux ISBN 978-3-940700-12-4/204 pages / 15.80 portrait of the author recognize Peter:… spirit Rainbow publishing, Gudrun Anders Ferber 11, 52070 Aachen phone 0241 / 70 14 721 fax 0241 / 446-566-8 email: