How To Choose The Best Wow Gold Online Store?

I think we should divide service into two parts: 1. delivery pace – 2 answers! At the time many game accounts with Blizarrd will no longer be allowed.Gold sellers selling spare gold no longer, but by the suppliers to buy now after the order of the players. Now let’s see the service response in the net. Can the most Netstationen? 24 * 7 with their live chat?Offer help?Their stay chats live but always not on line. If that’s why sending Beklagungen emails to them? but never know? if and when only one is can get answers from them. Now have the most Netstationen? as soon as take order forms with large sums of money from customers? confirm this through phone calls with them? to prevent dizziness maneuvers. In this case, connect the player with the handlers seems to be particularly important. Players don’t need to worry about yet? because the handler upon confirmation by phone only very simple question? questions such as the role name and the purchase number, etc..

Please check, if the seller you information about your credit card or other personal information.Genuine seller will not ask such questions.Most Netstationen can reply in 1? 2 hours guarantee.Better Netstationen introduce help ticket system, then each letter from the customer is logged in automatically, each answer for this is also automatically logged to solve every problem from customers in time.Customers can in 2 forms answer your problem see: 1 via email; 2 after the login, give customers touch for answers and feces roller burnishing their services to improve the Netstationen.A good WoW gold buy page should have help ticket system, and can answer the questions from the customers in 10 to 20 minutes. If you test the services of a purchase page, you can the page some questions about WoW Gold before purchasing make email, then you would know by the speed and the content of the response, as the service of this site is. Furthemore, I must stress here a point.While promising the most Netstationen to deliver the order hours within X, two Situations but away. 1 if your order is very numerous ist(mehr als 6000 WoW Gold), the seller in one or two days several times your order provide. 2 sometimes would shut off the massive Blizzard farming account.In between you unfortunately need to wait 2 or 3 days.Sometimes, the seller would return even money. These two situations has clearly stated not a seller, but those situations were already latent rules.