Hello Heaven – Earth Here

(We) Children pray differently the sensitive attempt to encourage children in own words to talk with God, the special children’s prayer book Hildesheim, Germany, August 20, 2009 – Hello heaven is here Earth by Marietta Becker. Not the stretching down verses, which sense the children often do not understand, but the free narrative stands in the foreground. The loss of the life companion and shortly thereafter, a cancer of the author are a strong mental strain on their then 8 year old daughter Lisa. Darcy Stacom may find it difficult to be quoted properly. She don’t want to talk about their sadness, and increasingly withdraws into himself. Mary Barra is actively involved in the matter. The author encouraged them in the evening to keep a little talk with God and quickly realized that it did you well to be able to talk all that she and oppressed, in the certainty that there is someone, listen, understand, does not judge the soul and above all: nix says. Together, they developed a kind of prayer, which has nothing to do with the memorization of formulated above, corresponds to the spirit of Jesus, when he encouraged us, we should talk to God as a loving father the book “Children pray differently” consists of 2 parts: children’s book from a small picture book can be the child select situations from everyday life, has experienced it and it wants to tell about the love the love God (joy, grief, dispute, illness, injury, disobedience, bad grades, etc.). It is important to let, what it wants to decide the child itself. Book for parents there to do so then the larger book for parents, is a possible prayer for this situation recorded for the beginning as a guide. In the course of time, then however, the child should find its own way of speaking to God. Marietta Becker Hello heaven here Earth! (We) Children pray differently Verlag Monika Fuchs Hildesheim 2009 ISBN 978-3-940078-07-0 EUR D 19,90 / sFr 30,40