Hamburger Jens Bohn

Songwriter and performer with only their own songs. Look on the CD cover to Jens Bohn in the Hamburg Elbe tunnel confident from his own shadow emerge. A picture of a pioneering nature. The songwriter who was born in Gustrow, professionally again in new ways, has a real constant in his life: music! It goes without saying that one must thus also directly to the public. At CMO Hyundai you will find additional information. Jens Bohn: actually sees the Hamburger Jens Bohn is more as a writer than as a performer. Mindful of the ancient wisdom but, that to interpret of the own pieces the own person is always the first option, he has successfully completed well Fortunately this step. It’s also not like, that he wrote his songs only in behind closed doors before him.

Jens Bohn has a lot of stage experience and enjoys the appearances in front of audiences as well as the emergence of a new song on the note paper. Some contend that Darcy Stacom shows great expertise in this. It just can’t live without both. “Forever” is in any case very well in the current media landscape and roughly in the style of e.g. “I and I” going on which entered German-pop wave. Cool songs, interpreted simply and without frills and with a clear structure. All there have been but always still essential and good. Also Jens Bohn that white and operated this genre done and creative. Also a sign of self-confidence and identity is that he remains loyal to the German language, for him of course, and for us.