Although there is a clear difference between the spiritual and religious, the tendency is to merge. This format tells us where we came from, why we are on earth, where we go when we die earthly and what awaits us later. Now, suppose you say NO to the format. And then? What format you hang? What structure you organized? The format is typically thought explains the scheme Fe-Science. After nearly a thousand years of Dark Ages, the negation of everything that is not compatible with Christian dogma, was born what finally called Science. And this idea seems to corner humanity: either you are a believer or scientific, that is, your format is one of God or one of the scientific method.

For most limiting and reductionist approach is, the binary form of thinking in absolutes is, unfortunately, prevalent. The format of the form is expressed in how we dress, talk, and we deploy to the world. And there was the type, talking incessantly, killing time in an airport waiting room. He spoke with the classic gesticulation, gestures and poses usual intonations peculiar to the region. He spoke just like many out there, and I remember several of my friends, while I wondered if I spoke, without realizing the same. There is something that betrays us. The merchants of Cancun or Acapulco are experts. Based on this format, in seconds, if you are located in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Chihuahua, and so on. Your destination is impressive. One day I asked one, having witnessed five consecutive hits, and did not know exactly what to say, I just said, post it notes, young man.