Freight Elevator

Elevator – mode of transport, designed for vertical movement of passengers and cargo. A modern passenger elevator can carry up to thirty people, and mine passenger lifts – up to a hundred people. The ordinary elevator moves with a velocity of 0.5 – 4 m / s, while the high-speed elevators can be 17 m / sec. Freight elevator can move up to 10 tons of cargo at speeds up to 1.5 m / sec. Elevators for residential buildings – an obligatory attribute of comfort and convenience, without which is impossible to imagine today's skyscrapers and conventional buildings. Hotyadaleko not everyone knows how and when they were created first lifts. Now we will tell the story.

Scientists believe the advent of the elevator in 1743. It was then in command of the French king Louis XV, who then passed 33 years in the palace at Versailles was built the first lift. The king did not like peretruzhdatsya and climb to the room of his mistress, located above a floor. However, the prototype elevator, familiar to our eyes, was established more than 100 years through the American EG Otis (1811 – 1861.). This man changed my life in a lot of work – worked in construction and mill, digging coach. In 1852, working on furniture factory, manufactures beds, Otis received an unusual assignment – design a hoist to lift the planks on the second floor. In 1853, the inventor discovered light freight elevator with the emergency brake, which breakdowns quickly in case of a rope.