In addition, the deterioration of relations with the specified public authority is fraught with problems when placing securities. It should also be noted that the FFMS may conduct inspections of issuers, to demand the necessary documents, issuers engage in administrative responsibility. So, in response to a complaint by a shareholder non-payment of declared dividends RO FSFR conducted an audit, in which the requested documents from the company over the past 5 years (minutes of meetings, proof of notification of the meeting, mailing lists notice of the meeting of shareholders, proof of payment of dividends, the lists of persons eligible to participate in the meeting in relation to each meeting of shareholders and so on). Submit documents to the specified list for the audited company has been very difficult. 3. Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) FAS is a public authority exercising state supervision compliance with antitrust laws, as well as the prevention and suppression of monopolistic activity, unfair competition and other competition-restricting actions. As practice shows, not many public companies to freely orient in antitrust. Violation of accepted everywhere.

Meanwhile, the penalties for violation of the law "On Competition and Restriction of monopolistic activity on commodity markets "are among the highest in the Code of Administrative Violations. Few of the managers of the enterprise pays attention to the fact that the business entity may be made to the list of businesses with market share exceeding 35 percent. As a rule, the order of the FAS making company in the corresponding list is not being sent to lawyers, that leads to errors in transactions, the establishment of subsidiaries and, accordingly, to administrative responsibility.