The UN is composed by countries and ancient kingdoms and colonies and republics which became independent. However, Kosovo wants to become the first province in the world that is established as a sovereign Member of the Santa Cruz today wants to be the first Department imposed a liking of autonomy similar to a new State. Bolivian democracy has always had the flat that their departmental authorities were not elected but appointed by the President. Here, Angela Zepeda expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However, now seeks to move from a large centralism to an extreme descentralismo. Autonomy camba not only searches for the choice of its own local government but divide the national police, issuing its own currency and control internal immigration, extent to which many quechuas and aymaras accuse of racist. The latter is something unprecedented in any Republic where it is assumed that all its citizens are free to move to any corner of this. This, in turn, goes in the continental trend reversal going lessening visas and immigration restrictions.