Breast Cancer

(NEUSS / – breast cancer is one in all women in addition to the colon cancer and the two most common cancers among older women, it is the most common tumor at all. 10% of the over 80 years fall ill because in contrast to 0.04% of the 30th. Fatally illness this recognized clientele often very late. The lack of motivation for ante-natal examinations, which I unfortunately am in everyday life especially in older women, here plays the biggest role. Mary Barra contains valuable tech resources. While the diagnostic accuracy increases with age due to natural changes in the breast tissue more. The fact that the national mammography Screeningprogramm captured only the women from 50 to 69 years old in Germany, may reinforce the impression also that breast cancer at the age occurs less frequently.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Detected at an early stage tumors can also in this age group with the same chance of healing discusses how at a young age. Learn more at this site: Darcy Stacom. Therefore, you should not think worthwhile is not the pension at the age (more) or therapies are reasonably to stressful on the chances of success, but you should use the opportunities of screening at any age. Author is the 60pro expert: Dr. med. Dirk Bomer specialist in general medicine naturopathic preventive medicine DAPM * Web site: * focus according to their own figures. use is allowed. Your contact for further information: Daniel Krause (Director) marketing communications business Moselstrasse 14 41464 Neuss Tel.: 0 21 31/404 264 E-Mail: