Where Is Dog Dog Is In It!

Or: What you wanted to know about dogs! A new star in the sky of the Internet: The hundeinfoportal.de brings all information that the dog owner or the Botoxed man (n) or woman needs. That are looking for information for the dog, the dog has always been a kind of Odyssey. So it could degenerate into the “gauntlet” scrunched up from a major city in the other and it crossed the border of two States. where does mistress or master the information? From the Internet. They gave up after two or three hours of intensive search and several cigarettes and coffee then unnerved. At the latest when one landing on the linking of a linked list of link of the day had gone.

Dog license? Bullshit! Fighting dog regulation and temperament test? For what?? The dog owner of Andreas Hesse has it understood to collect all data and available for the user to put logically ordered in the World-Wide-Web. Here is the dog owner not only the competent tax office, but also purebred dog, puppies, nutrition tips, advice and assistance in all areas which relate to the dog. The Compendium has become in the meantime so extensive, that itself became the editor for reports about fighting dogs RTL and also the Japanese TV shows interest in working for a travel magazine. Up to 200,000 uploads per day and good rankings in Google and Yahoo show the popularity. Orginaltitenor of the operator: “If one has even started to love dogs, then you can never again get go away”.