Web Dreams

Retirement is a happy time. If this year you're going to be a pensioner, do not you fall vpaniku about what you would have nothing to do. If you hold the opposite opinion, and you think you chtoteper redo all of those things that dreams alter godytruda for the benefit of the Motherland – do not relax and not teshte illusions. In order to prepare mentally for the transition ksovershenno different way of life, we must first of all, decide what was your major and unfulfilled dreams. Of course, if you've been dreaming to go to half a year on the Canary Islands, it is now unlikely to be realized. But if your dreams were closer to reality, stoitpodumat. 1. You dreaming of tasty and raznoobraznokormit family members.

Fine. But if you want most svoegovremeni in the kitchen. Yes and no guarantee that your home will vvostorge of new dishes – she got used to what you feed them life. Will you have enough money to new ? What if your family all hotyathudet? If you still want to, go ahead. Buy cookbooks inachinaete your experiment. And that is easier – Internet You naydetekuchu culinary Web sites and mailings. In my opinion, sending both – something concrete.

And at regular intervals, allowing you to cook novoeblyudo once a week or a little more often. We can not expose their close to all sorts of tests each day. Vednovoe dish must be eaten, to pretend that they liked it, yes ipohvalit mistress.