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If not promptly met the allergic rhinitis is therapeutic efforts, a second, longer-lasting inflammation phase occurs after the first wave of infection. Additional antibodies from the blood enter the progressive course of the disease in the mucous membranes, whose casting kills cells into the surrounding tissue. The longer the untreated allergic reaction more massive the nasal mucosa is permanently damaged, until they lose their functionality. The loss of their functionality prevents that the inhaled air is cleaned, moistened and heated, significantly increasing the amount of damaging factors, which penetrates up to the lungs and the bronchial tubes. As a result, a chronic damage of the bronchi, which asthma bronchialis, can result from the untreated allergic rhinitis.

Early treatment of allergic rhinitis with anti-inflammatory drugs is urgently necessary from a medical point of view, to to prevent the occurrence of chronic damage. First, for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, the doctor performs a thorough allergy testing. Clearly, to what allergens the diseased immune system reacts over sensitive, measures can be taken in his living environment, which reduce the incidence of the disease factors and physical relief. The anti-inflammatory medication is carried out according to the extent of the allergic disease symptoms. You prevented the emergence of chronic damage and is an integral part of medically supervised therapy. To avoid consequential damages and achieving a most healthy life, ill follow the treatment instructions of your physician in every case. The consulting team of Mohren pharmacy is allergy-afflicted patients in Stuttgart for a long time with valuable advice and information about the page. Like it answered more questions on this topic. Press information Mohren pharmacy contact: Ute Schwiecker Sigmaringer str. 4 70567 Stuttgart phone: 0711-71 35 09 fax: 0711-71 97-222 E-Mail: Homepage: