Todays Crisis Reviews

The current year in Russia disiesto already noticed the impact brought by the crisis of today. As I live in the capital of Russia, ie Moscow, am waiting for the TV broadcast daily on the economy of my country and everything that happens in my hometown. It’s been two months that will cut jobs, the wages of some workers have fallen, increasing the number of unemployed, etc … In November this year I got a bitter news that the owners of certain juvenile furniture had been forced to close their shops. As seen other stores no longer provided furniture and other industrial goods because of uncertainty about the future of the economic situation in Russia. As runs Voice over forecast shortages of many goods from other countries already see the panic that has erupted Muscovites. This is evident in long queues at banks and supermarkets jump in sales of industrial goods such as appliances, furniture, cars, etc … Perhaps appears Question: How long the current crisis? When the economic collapse will yield to the welfare of all and economic stability? At the moment there are several theories and hypotheses of the future.

Taking account of the crisis in full in economy some Russian specialists assure us that our country, ie Russia, suffer from the aftermath of the crisis about 18 months. Others believe the crisis will leave us and in just six months. Among other things worthy of attention to the terrible anticipation of an economic expert Khazinah. According he envisions and will bring consequences similar to those of the 1929 crisis in the United States. But difirencia of the 1929 crisis of today affect the entire world, that is, is the global crisis.

Under the terrible crisis prices skyrocket, many workers will be thrown into street, we will have to live with very closely … By the way, regarding the elections that have just been concluded in the United States will not have been coincidence that Barack Obama has been named president of that country. It you might, or will blame the arrival of crisis. In my opinion all played by Khazinah in the interview was exaggerated. But how I can reason? In a few years the situation will be highlighted …