The Wedding

What would a young family had money to put in before the wedding shoes coin under the left heel of the bride and groom under the right. These coins are then stored as a relic. Just to prosperity in the house, if after the marriage ceremony, the young at the exit sprinkle grains of wheat and rice. 29. If the wedding a lot of unfamiliar guests – family life will be fussy. 30.

If, during the wedding feast quietly pull the tablecloth – soon to be your wedding. This is a sign for a visitor. 31. If the bride before they enter the church through the jump rope – past troubles will be left behind. 33.

In order to be happy in the marriage, the bride to the wedding should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. 34. One, even the smallest stitch is added to the bride's dress before they leave the church – fortunately. 35. Wedding rings can not be given to measure, either before or after the wedding. 36. On the wedding day at the hands must be no other rings – just a wedding. 37. Bride groom before the wedding should not be seen in a wedding dress. 38. Wedding dress should be just a dress, not a corset with a skirt – a harmonious life. 39. Number of buttons on a dress, if any, must be even shoes – no laces. 40. Can not wedding wear pearls – to tears. 41. It is not good to wear jewelry, but jewelry – just fine.