The Type

Depending on the type of shelves, addition to the standard of universal or basic rack with metal shelves, produce and other kinds of shelving. For example, the use of bread shelves wooden shelves or baskets, in the vegetable – metal sloping baskets in pastry and fruit – small plastic trays, etc. When choosing a rack to check with the seller of its characteristics for several key positions. 1. Dimensions. Height of racks in the proposed configurations can be very different – from 1 to 4 pm The best option is 2000mm in height: in this case to the top shelf easily reaches for a man of medium height. In warehouses, where you can use ladders, or when an acute shortage of retail space, set design height 2500, 3000 and even 4000 mm. Width shelves on average between 800 to 1200 mm.

Obviously, the longer the shelf rack, the lower the price per running meter, because the reduced number of supports, fastener, etc. However, strength characteristics deteriorate: can bend under the weight of the shelves are offered for products. Therefore the choice of the length of the rack depends on the mass and dimensions of the proposed product. The depth of the rack is determined by the width of the bottom of the base shelf 300 to 600mm. 2. The strength of the rack. Maximum load per shelf.

It is determined by such factors as the thickness used metal construction brackets and shelves. Additional indicators are the presence of a shelf bracket and ribs, the connection bracket shelves with stand (tripod). Strength values are indicated manufacturers and may reach 250 kg. 3. Cover racks also plays an important role. With heavy use, a common set of goods in the hard pack surface shelves can be damaged, and eventually rust. Color cover those parts of frame, which will be visible after installation of the goods should not pull the attention of buyers. Traditional colors – bright white, pearl white, light gray, Ivory, warm milk, etc. If the racks are used in the warehouse or the archive, then the color gamma is not important and the question is more about the ratio of the price = quality. Ltd.