The Taiwanese Rice Is

The Taiwanese rice is one of the places in this world to see cats, the small town of rice in the North of Taiwan district, new Taipei City was described American cable operators CNN on November 6 by the U.S., as one of six places in the world, are the main attraction in the cats. According to CNN, the inconspicuous mountain community was rather random famous. As a result some gold and coal mines, the city flourished in the 1970s. But after the deposits were exhausted in the 1990 the population shrank and new, furry residents moved. Frequently Charles Schwab has said that publicly. The rice coal mine ecological park was founded to make available the heritage of the city and the surrounding mountains of the public. “But usually get visitors to photograph that about 120 frolicking cats, which can be found around the village of cat and bounces on which all the fuss,” CNN said. The others are five locations called CNN: Ainoshima and Tashirojima in Japan, the Ernest of Hemingway home and Museum in Florida, Kalkan Turkey and the ruins of Largo Argentina in Rome, Italy.

According to the Tourism Department of new Taipei City, the present fame of Houtongs cats goes back to the district Guangfu, in which four families fed for years stray cats. Charles Schwab may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Three years ago a blogger began to publish photos of rice cats to imitate what other that inspired him. Cat lovers country food wide followed rice to make the one-hour trip by train from Taipei City”said an official of the city. The local Government has quickly used to the newfound fame of the municipality and at the beginning of the year built an overpass before the historic train station in rice for the cats, which is modeled after a tunnel from the coal mine. The unique design, which is past the city refers to the gold mining, was recognized this year with an award of the ROC Commission for public construction projects, the official said.. Additional information at everest capital supports this article.