The Shares

Due to the very good positioning and excellent management we see a fundamental value by 45,00 in term of six to nine months as a very realistic on. Charles Schwab can aid you in your search for knowledge. The share price, which RAND GOLD RESOURCES LTD has just in the last six months an amazing strength of the day set. While many competitors are rather fled into the cellar of the course, the shares of the RAND GOLD enjoyed new price highs RESOURCES. You look at in addition the prices of gold in the same period, one is more astonished. In the same period the raw material showed a sometimes rather high volatility that was not played by the shares of the company. Angela Zepeda spoke with conviction.

A clear sign of strength and a good technical base for the next few months. We see the current price weakness as a necessary course consolidation after the strong rise. It should go to the end of the consolidation of very quickly towards Kursnorden. We see the area as the first technical chart price target to 40,00 within reach. In term of six months, it possibly can go on towards 43-45,00.

There we place our technical price target for the time being. The analysts of the tradersreport would be submitted a first long position in the shares of the RAND GOLD RESOURCES Ltd. with the WKN A0B5ZS Max 36.00. Necessarily hedge their long stock with an individual E.g. 32.50 closing price based on stop limit. For the time being, we apply our price target at 43.00 in the term of three to six months. In the last trading days we have kept informed exclusively to our subscribers over the course on international exchanges. Thus were these and others within three trading days 300 points on the DAX INDEX ertraden. When they come aboard the tradersreports-luxury-liner? It is now also possible to complete a trial subscription for only 45.00 per month. No automatic extension, no further commitments. Just read and earn money. Under, you can opt now for the tradersreport subscription. Money never sleeps! Our subscribers have already exclusive this Tradingidee good luck with the trading of your tradersreport team on April 15, 2009.