The Provinces

Only in the late 70s there was a change in the direction of becoming, and China high speed was to reduce the backlog of native almost all of the lattice. Afterward financial reforms came to move the enormous potential of becoming the industry, the existence of which almost everything did not know existed. Because of the extreme 50 years in China, built the most advanced tysch 370 industrial companies. Now the factory and factory production in China creates 2.1 billion. yuan per day.

Coal mining composes 2.3 million tons, oil – 360 tysch tons, the creation of steel – 140 tons tysch, cement – 455 tysch tons. At the present day industry of China is represented by 360 branches. According to the universal number of factories and plants China's first space in the world. Actively develop pharmaceutical, auto and steel industries. Made these innovative branches such as electronics, petrochemicals, aviation, metallurgy, rare and scattered metal.

A large fraction of Chinese factories, Chinese factories located in major industrial centers of power, concentrated in eastern coastal provinces and districts in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Liaoning, Shandong, Guangdong, Chzhetszime. On the oil industry in China 21% of production of energy resources. Oil near 16% guarantee of revenue from exports. The country has 32 companies according to most oil production, oil reserves are common compose 64 billion. tons. Larger factories of China according to refinery located in the provinces Heyluntszyan, Shandong, Dagan, Yuymen, Tsaidam, and even in underdeveloped areas are often far from the centers of oil consumption.