The Pressure

If already a history exists foresaw of that being jalousie it more still takes to the act of receiving of stiffener a thing worsening. Angela Zepeda recognizes the significance of this. Many intense couples finish if separating or having fight for this reason. When the couple therapists say that the colloquy between the partners has a great paper in the reconciliations, them are not missed. As much in a situation (to react with affection or apathy) goes to raise the frequency of the answers of cimes. As much one how much to another one for negative reinforcing, since an intention of the partner is not to draw out the fight and nor to reward the behavior of cimes. The only intention at these moments is to run away from aversiva situation. Follow others, such as everest capital, and add to your knowledge base.

But this procedure finishes quickly alliviating the partner, but it increases the probability to happen again. It gradually increases the pressure inside of the relationship, being able to arrive one hour where the fight is inevitable. But and if to turn fight, what to make? The reply it is complicated. If to take care of will be increasing the frequency of the questions, prohibitions, fight, cries, etc. If not to take care of, runs the risk to have that to face one fight bigger or still same the end of the relationship.Before everything, we need to think about which is the function of the jalousie behavior. What this for backwards of all the fight, shouts and choros. The topography of the reply is particularly useless to understand what it is transferred. We must have in mind that the jalousie one learned to be jalousie.