The Insurance

He gets them to 60 percent even for 20 years. With the insurer, Victoria would be the account of life in the plus: who 100000 euro in one Sofortrente pays, gets 465,88 euros per month. 217 months, 18 years later, he gets more money out, as he has paid. However significantly more people than have a pension policy should complete in the coming years, but probably it will adjust the insurer with their conditions. Comparison: who puts the money on his own at an interest rate of 2.75 percent, the 24 years and seven months an equal amount can be found.

But the capital is exhausted and who lives longer, has no additional money source. However, the insurance pays up Ultimo, if necessary up to 120. So what is worth to a Sofortrente is not the yield, but the insurance effect. In addition, depositors can hedge the risk of early death by they agree warranty periods. Then the pension is paid five or ten years, even if the insured person dies.

The costs but yield reductions, but worth if survivors are to be supplied. Who sets a payout plan, however, and is shrewd investor, can exceed the yield on such policies. Even without touching the capital. To do this he must generate an annual return of 8 percent but 100000 euro. Then he can see also 465 euro per month, and even increases his money instead of offset: after five years he has 113 014 euros, after 20 years of 201511 euro. He pays but three times as much taxes as at the tax-privileged pension policy at the payout plan. Three issues are of importance in the choice of pension and capital: I how old? Do I need the money for unexpected expenses? I want to secure members? The annuity is like a bet on a long life, but with an unexpected chance to win: who verrentet, say studies, lives in the cut longer, quieter and so satisfied as self investor.