The Enclosure

Some must be questioning me the reasons to write this article. The instinct of the teaching is stronger. Nor always I received parrots from the life and many times, I committed errors that I do not have pride of speaking, but at the moment that I perceived that the light of the love transforms my world and of that they are my return, I was intrigued in spreading this truth to other people. I learned that in the gesture most humble it is born to the true faces of the life and that a simple word possesss the creative force of new reality. After all the love infects. When I write I always think about which piece of the love I am involved and in this condition I ask to it: You are certain that he is ready to receive the LOVE? One of the learnings of the life, the LOVE always is its side, but generally we give to coasts it and we block the source of> prosperity in all the directions of the life.

A window imagines, when opening it sees a pretty light that invades the enclosure provoked for the solar rays, feels the wind cooling that acaricia its face and thanks that light, the air that breathes and the coolness of the wind. The nature is magnificent and resoluta, admires treats who it well and returns what we offer it, therefore always is thankful this energy of the symbol of a new day and that this is the start of a new inspiration of living. The sincere heart with the open mind provides to chances in places and occasions until then perceived, its desires does not reveal in the gift when you visualize what she desires and she feels gratitude, that is a powerful tool of the success. It turns the tray its thoughts, criticizes each negative thought and transmute in positive, learns to only say good words, polices what it speaks and it thinks, as well as When the disciple will be ready the master will appear? act of its birth you had the chance to come to this world and to give its contribution.