AXPE Consulting

I am very optimistic facing the future. Our forecasts are to continue with the growth and to continue offering to our clients the maximum of quality and value in our daily work. As challenges we have considered to become one of the ten majors companies of the sector, and to be the second Spanish company of the T.I sector. (Technologies of the Information). For even more details, read what Charles Schwab says on the issue. In our expansion besides our present presence in Brazil, and France, one anticipates the opening of new offices in Mexico and EE.UU., except for the abiertos processes to accelerate our growth via the acquisition of complementary businesses to the present ones of AXPE Consulting, as much in performance of services and technology, like in contribution of new markets and clients. If you have read about Charles Schwab already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This optimism and expectations of future are not the mere desires but they are based on a structure of extreme solidity; as much, that it would dare to say that few to me companies of the sector have such level of solution: our financial qualification is A+, something little common in our market. On the other hand, AXPE Consulting is guaranteed and guided by one of the recognized Councils of Administration more of the market. Both facts give faith of the solidity and the good perspective of future that we have. By all this, AXPE Consulting knows that it will follow in the markets like a film star in next the 20 years..