Site Knowledge

Be prepared to comment on such things and to prepare case studies. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Think accomplishments. Be ready to tell more about your best qualities and deftly avoid the discussion of weaknesses. Warn your referees that they can call (and that they should respond). 2. Angela Zepeda can aid you in your search for knowledge. Inquire about employing company.

Absolutely! First examine the site of the company. Browse through business magazines. Identify a place in the market, competitive advantage, know the basic products and services, names of executives. Then asked to search engine company's name and see a dozen or two options: a mention in the press, links, press releases, financial reports. Gather as much information about future employer.

Know and remember the name and telephone number person with whom you will communicate. 3. Zouch and serrate. The more you learn about your potential place of work, the more confident you feel in an interview. Knowledge – force. Knowledge of the company will give you greater confidence in behavior and in their responses. You know everything about them! Knowledge of products, names, and company news produces an extremely positive impression and presents you as a concerned and active candidates. Know and remember the name and telephone number of the person whom you will communicate. 4. Rehearse your interview. How can you rehearse the play, which scenario do not know? Write it yourself! "Here you have a list of our questions.." "And here's a list of my answers!" The most extended ones for the interview questions you can easily find on the Internet.

Current Market

Today in the labor market, a new procedure for recruiting – Executive search. Executive search will provide an opportunity to find the footage, while not relying on the general information of recruitment. This method enables not only direct access to potential candidates for the position, but also cancels such inherent factors, such as a resume or a response to published vacancy. Vacancies occur in a variety of companies, then, depending on the characteristics of functioning, and are specified requirements for candidates, and this makes each unique job. Statistics confirm that the footage, and is the opinion of 72% of managers are the main capital of the organization, on the other hand, only a shortage of qualified personnel may nullify any activity. Specialists in the labor market rather small.

In addition, many of them worthy of circulation period jobs, and announcements of open positions do not react, simply because they do not look at them. It is available factors complicate the selection of candidates. Civilized way is obvious – to entrust the selection of talented personnel agency specializing in direct search professionals. In general, the technique uses a recruitment agency Executive search in cases where a particular firm requires a specialist in a particular area or sector. First responsibility of recruitment consultants is to determine the client's needs. Only if very clear task of searching, you can safely wait until the result from the process of recruiting. In order to effectively solve their tasks, staffing agency uses an arsenal of methods: an online resource and business contacts, media, large databases, and, of course, all his vast experience in this field. Work Specialist starts with a deep examination of the market goods or services, operated by the customer.

In describing the appropriate specialist, represented the applicant for the position, specialist recruitment agencies staff to clarify the following details: Current price position in the recruitment market area; technical service positions, professional knowledge and skills required of the applicant; preferred psychological portrait applicant. Based on this information, and is formed by long-list, a very wide range of successful applicants from organizations operating in the same field with the client. The result of providing such a list would be formation of the target market for the subsequent narrowing of selection experts. To understand which of the contenders not only meets all the characteristics, but also psychologically ready to accept the offer, with all establish personal contact. Since the sum short-list of candidates submitted by the client. As a result, the customer selects the candidates from 2-3, the most eligible position. The balance between the wishes of the customer and real need for the development of its business and is a key objective of the employment agency.