Suitable Post Support Sale

The first reservation that is necessary to do is that the support post sale is different in practical terms for diverse products. Nevertheless, the objectives of this promotional action are the same. Fidelizar the client, that is to say who returns to buy or to contract to us to us. Aumentar the satisfaction level, in views of the viralizador power that have the positive commentaries in the social networks, and its enormous effectiveness at the time of increasing our volumes of sale. To put it another way: that they recommend to us is very good for us. Aumentar the added value of that product.

We see it with a daily example. We want to buy a plasma. assessing future choices. We go to the business, and we see many for sale. But, always it happens that economic it is than ignota is of one marks of which never we had heard until that moment. You what does? The equal purchase, knowing that perhaps if has a flaw it does not find that becomes position of its problem? Or it decides to pay a little more and to buy another model, perhaps more modest, but yet the support of a well-known mark? The support post sale increases the value of its products. In order to realise a suitable support post sale is necessary to conduct the following battles.

Dejar always an open channel online. That is to say, beyond the traditional telephone number or direction of email for reclamations or commentaries, it is necessary to support a communication in real time with the users. In order to reach this, the social networks are an excellent channel. It activates his page of Facebook. In the same, by default, it has the possibility of making forums. It can create forums with the questions or more common commentaries of his users, and that the rest of the community participates, clearly, with you moderating these participation.

The Demand

With a glance to more long term, we noticed that the strong deceleration in the growth of its different components reflects the fall of the demand of weights. The economy that demanded weights to realise transactions is becoming slowly an economy that does not want to see the currency emitted by the BCRA but rather looks for refuge in alternative values. However, before a fall of the demand of the local currency, the theory would indicate that if the interest rates are increased it could stimulate the possession of weights, as long as their yields surpass the awaited devaluation. For which today the interest rates do not give the jumps to which they had to us customary in last in excess ones against the dollar? The increasing stock of money hoarded by the banks allows to respond them to the retirements, although that situation could not be maintained to medium term. Charles Schwab understands that this is vital information. Jr. may also support this cause. The pressure is so strong that the Power station takes sold USD 2.677 million in the market spot, although the reserves still do not show a fall by the compensation that give the other accounts of the monetary organization.

So it is the force of the demand of dollars that the BCRA is breaking an ominous record: with the sale of day 3 of March, they added the 29 days of sales consecutive. In order to try to relax this tense market, the efforts of the BCRA also are reflected in swap USD financier 10,000 million with the Central bank of China. It is to hope that this situation is deepened, in case of maintaining the uncertainty as far as the local economic policy. SOURCE: Original author and source of the article..