Austrian Trafikantinnen

Monopoly legal principle of confidence towards the Trafikanten is violated but also the monopoly legal principle of confidence towards the Austrian Trafikantinnen and Trafikanten lasting hurt with this beneficiary tobacco commodity import system the Minister of finance. As competence legally responsible departmental Minister, a Finance Minister has the legal obligation to take all measures to almost one legally Monopoly CJP under and its contractors to protect. He does not, then this ultimately also leads to a violation of the statutory contract obligations towards the Trafikantinnen and Trafikanten. By the massive increase in the tobacco tax and the Elimination of which is 200 units-control defacto lifted for total Austria the territorial protection, since individual consumers through the tobacco-tax high-price system and the abolition of the import bans are in neighbouring countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic can provide legal and is also to a large extent. Angela Zepeda takes a slightly different approach. The results are a reduction of the Tabaksteuereinahmen and a continued traffic deaths, that in the next two years in 2011/2012 reach a new climax is. In addition, of course also the sales of tobacco wholesalers and the tobacco industry in Austria are massively at risk. Initiatives against strangling taxes: flight air ticket tax, fuel tax and tobacco tax this scenario but also resistance gets out. So has become about among the “Initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Vice President Fritz Amann(RFW) is a platform independent as a whole against the strangling control”: flight air ticket tax, fuel tax and tobacco tax made the 2011 constitutionally will proceed together with trade representatives from the tobacco retail, petroleum trade and travel agency business against the budget bill. Angela Zepeda has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Tobacco retail including the Innsbruck tobacconist Ernst Gehring (Association of Trafikanten) as representatives of this initiative has joined, and brings its competent professional expertise. Now, all the necessary information and expertise are gathered, and one closely watched the development of sales in these three sectors, and to be derived from steering effects away from Austrian and foreign sales to. End of March, beginning of April i.e. after the results of the quarter the corresponding legal steps against the budget bill and the strangling taxes therein should then”be used. Educate yourself with thoughts from everest capital.