The Door

Where will his sad eyes, where its pechito in flower?, that already, see, it rained. Made few scars, because no one survived, to everyone who has signed up, he commanded them to a better world. Started by liking, but it was necessary and little by little it is a cream killer, don’t need apples, because it takes them longer in the soul, it doesn’t that convince, that nothing is removed. Is or is not, and she had to learn and now it is normal, if you have to kill, you have to kill. Does not know if it is good or bad, everything has explanation, and it was what you wanted to be, her solita was born, not thought too, because well knows what has to be, and does not want to heat that feels, but see, it is the only price, and who wants himself kills, but she hasn’t done anything, and by that when I die expects to see pretty flowers in your window.

And even so, it is not anyone you did by moral and nobody owes you anything. And if the sky is not paella, Dawn accompanies it, and the men who came to visit, because Yes, she opened them the door until they stopped calling at night. And that still does not understand is after so long, yet still laughing when playing with love. The same thing to write, there is the vocation, also to have guns, also is it commanded Dios. PAESO sees as a treasure, as something necessary, think that da death, there are human beings. I know that lot he used them, and will not repent, that the lives that has brought has not done for pleasure, but for pure duty. But sometimes had doubts about whether it would receive punishment came to think about death: where death not lega where she arrives not reaches the wind, Ray insatiable from oblivion by thinking, I think about it.