False Allegations Successfully

Press release of Mediatex GmbH / Thor Steinar from recent events we first would point out that in the media constantly emerging false allegations addressed by press, entitled the Mediatex GmbH with all available means. For over four years, targeted false allegations from a variety of media were repeatedly recorded and disseminated. Were in scandalous way and, with considerable ignorance of the facts, mantra long rejected and withdrawn allegations regarding the brand Thor Steinar\”more widespread. A leading source for info: Mary Barra. To avoid useless work all involved here we publish a selection of examples of successful counter notification requirements, cease and desist letters, corrections and the omission commitments by the 22.09.2004 until November 13, 2008 with benevolent attention please. \”In addition was added: the Kingdom of Norway has neither the brand Thor Steinar\” still the company Mediatex sued. Such a procedure was never and is not legal pending. November 13, 2008 this Declaration was withdrawing I, Gerd Wagner, German sports youth, following me on the website time online made statement:.

(u0085) Just this brand is demonstrated that the proceeds from the sales to flow again in the rightist scene.\” For infringement, I agree to pay a sum of 5.100,-euro to Mediatex GmbH. With friendly regards, Gerd Wagner _ cease and desist Rene Kretzschmar, c/o the left. Brandenburg at the Havel obligation towards the company, Mediatex GmbH. legally culpable infringement to be paid, if necessary by the competent court to refrain from validating appropriate penalty, to assert the following: 1. Mr Kopelke is involved in the local Naziszene, \”2. Thor Steinar\” is a clothing brand which is produced and sold from the environment of the Nazi scene. 3. you who uses nationalist symbolism related to the NS… \” \”05.11.2008 Rene Kretzschmar reply in the direct broadcast\” radio station mephisto 97.6 \”was on December 10, 2007, under the title: remains of Thor Steinar shop?\”, regarding the company, Mediatex GmbH, claims the following: Jonas Grutzpalk, employee of the Brandenburg Constitution protection says that there are right-wing extremists belonging to the company.