I am of departure, Therefore my wounded soul, My body abandoned. I suffered in the life homesicknesses, I purged the absence of the happiness, in the distance of a passion friend, and in my purgatrio, Living between loves, homesicknesses, Cimes and hatred, She was what my life without its love if became, You it woman very for me the fiance’, In a curve badly chosen Of this mine gotten passionate heart If it deviated, and thus I became nomadic outlaw, Pillaging some hearts distant, and go living trying other loves, I decided to pillage hearts Being tried to bring me in return That fiance’, Who one day beat in my door, the door of my life and I not April. Not April for that love promised, Forgotten, Old, That one my first LOVE, Love, that did not cheat success, That acaram defects, But my heart did not abandon. Still thus I leave the search, Continuous in this persecution, In this wild search, For my redemption, the love of loved mine, That it capsizes its lips, simple, meat Lips Of this pretty colored person, ruiva Black, blond, Candy sin, Flower of Amaryllis, the true loved, Made woman not only of my rib, But of my heart, Molded with the touch of my soul, For the subtility of this my love for you, Woman that you are perfect, for my heart, my new life, friend, For my sins the redemption. The woman, loving, friend and perpetual friend, very the fiance’, Who in one day or night Me was lost, That I nor could think about touching with my lips, and nor to continue to feel its smells Or to again kiss its heart, Which this determining to love me, the owner of my closer desires, and all my heart, That in today I earned, In my dreams, in its arms, feeling its kisses, my salvation.