SPF Skin

Tired of winter, we enjoy the spring sun. And just a few, usually blond and red-haired people are waiting for the approach of spring with undisguised irritation. For them, spring – no lilies of the valley, the first storm and flavor blossoms lilac, spring for them – is, first of all, freckle. What are freckles? Freckles are formed on the skin, which lacks melanin and is producing enough of its tissues. It is known that melanin delays ultraviolet the sun’s rays and prevents them to reach deeper layers of skin.

However, when it is not enough, the skin produces a new defense mechanism – the freckles. Freckles – a cluster of pigment spots, which, like pitfalls attract the sun’s rays and prevent them from damaging the adjacent, less-protected skin. Therefore, in the autumn and winter when the sun is not so much freckles disappear. As you can see, the wise nature protects our skin from sunburn with by freckles. Here are just a trace of the holders of “sun kissed” are often unwilling to accept appearance of spots on their skin and with varying degrees of success are struggling with freckles, a variety of ways.