Any parent wants to make the birthday of their most expensive man – the child, best, fun, memorable experience. That the baby felt most happy, surrounded by loving care and attention. But unfortunately not all Parents remember that what seems best for them and is a manifestation of love and caring in their understanding, is completely foreign to the child. Here, Charles Schwab expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For example, many believe that the best love and attention is a precious gift. In adult life, perhaps because it is, but not in the world of childhood. It giving the child an expensive, in your opinion the right gift, are unlikely to see the sincere joy of a baby that was expected. It's only your opinion, present worth, and in really like a completely different child.

Alas, under the influence of this material world, constantly trying to make money to feed their families, adults forget that for the baby, the most expensive in the day of birth – this is atmosphere of love. What do parents devote to him that day, forget about the fact that they have grown and will be again as once to play children's games. Inflate the balloons, which are a symbol of any holiday, reel and more. But very often is the reincarnation of a childhood for the parents is not a simple matter. Therefore it is very good when on holiday there is a third person, a fabulous character, such as a clown. Funny, mischievous, their games, contests, puzzles, and it will involve all children and adults. Clown accidentally found out that your child's birthday and went to visit you, because what a holiday without this clown? Children love fairy tales, and this is the birthday of baby will be transferred to one of these tales, where it will be in the range of a real holiday in his honor, the birthday! With loved by parents, kids, and hilarious characters, full of laughter, joy and fun!


Why do people lie? Probably, many people – so many opinions, but because the psychology – the science is accurate, then we have several already studied and discussed options for the answer to this simple question. Let's start from childhood. Children tend to act 'wrong' in terms of 'adult'. And what is this 'not right' in the children's behavior? The answer is simple. Children – being antisocial and their unknown causes and mechanisms of complex behavior of 'adult' in society. They First, no one and nothing so far should not (as they fondly believe) and they have not ever had a 'strange' people whom they care. Happy, they do not have to compare the current situation in their bright and carefree life.

So far, all dealing with their parents. Why do children lie? Just afraid of losing love and care for loved ones, fear of punishment, because it completely unprepared for what to answer, that is not willing to take responsibility for their actions. Children … Children grow up in different ways. Some – quickly and in time, the other – never.

It all depends on how long their parents have the ability and desire to pamper them and carry them over full responsibility for the acts committed. Parenting – a delicate matter. Why lie to 'adult' – we have seen. Liars – mainly at the household level – it's not grown up children. There are times when we are faced with professional liars … Here the main thing – just for yourself to understand you have to do and how you all this nuzhno.To is – what you risk. Realizing this – you can easily decide for yourself – whether you want to continue this game, or just stop, expressing their opinion on the proposed one. The most complicated case – It's a lie when expressed in salvation: love, life and health of his or her family, friendship or friendly relations, and other important things. Here to distinguish lies from truth is not a specialist is extremely difficult … Unlike Professional liars – politicians, administrators, vendors of anything, or fraud – are not professionals are simply not trained in various techniques as give the lie to the truth. They give themselves away … – or rather, pretends to be their body: eyes, arms, breathing, and various body movements. All the literature on these techniques, you can easily find on the Internet. another question. Consisting of long-term intimate relationship, we gradually become imbued with tender feelings for loved, loved ones, their relatives, to your children and their families. Remember the phrase: he could not do it, or she could not? Why is it that obvious lie, we do not want to be perceived as such? Ties: family, brotherhood / sisterhood, family and so on … We just hate to happen from what the people closest betray us and we are trying to convince myself that this can not be, because there can never be! Remember, as a classic: '… I am glad himself deceived …' This is exactly the same case. Man needs someone to believe. Sumru Laurent Ramsey is often quoted on this topic. This is his starting point in communication with others, strangers. But, because of jealousy, lack of principle, the propensity to commit just meanness, and other nefarious acts – the people around us lie in the details, or for high stakes. So they work … and the desire to understand all this and get rid of the universe lies – with time leads us to loneliness. Here the main thing – do not lie to yourself.