ELC Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress is a new type of mattress that has come on the market is made of Heatproof material, this is not transmitted nor heat nor cold, adaptable by the weight and body heat, provides a steady, even pressure throughout the body offering a feeling of weightlessness. Call him the NASA mattress because the viscoelastic material was born as a direct result of the space program of the 1960s but not until 1990s that researchers could incorporate it for use household. Viscoelastic mattress is not another thing that a layer of viscoelastic which can vary between 3 to 6 cm in height, there are also those with 8 cm of height coating and a part below is made of a material of HR – 35 or better known as foam polyurethane, Fly-Vex, R-35, ELC – 35 or 100% latex depending on the manufacturer. That part below is what gives firmness and support to the mattress. Because it does not exert pressure against your body is very good for people who suffer from back pain and muscle aches.

That is the pressure of your body weight find the surface of the mattress does not exist but gives an optimum support to the body and the spinal column becomes right when you lay in the. The negative is that you as is a material that not long ago was used in mattresses, mattresses viscoelastic is priced quite high for many, but what many people don’t know is that buying a HR foam cushion for example and then besides buying a supplement of visco-elastic 6 cm minimum height have the same effect and is the same as a viscoelastic mattress. Explaining it with more calm, a memory foam mattress is composed of a layer of viscoelastic of 4 to 8 cm in height depending on the manufacturer and a down part polyurethane foam or other material, can we deduce that you gathering both materials because we do a mattress of viscoelastic with the added benefit that mattress can tack it in the face when we want something that we can do because only comes the visco with expensive viscoelastic mattress in a need only side and our mattress composed as I would say only that take you Supplement, tack the foam mattress and re-list him over visco supplement by the other side. To my store I wanted to sell a viscoelastic mattress, of course a viscoelastic, part face down polyurethane foam with 7 areas of weight distribution for 1,300 euros, the cheapest 680 in particular. I I bought the supplement on ebay 6 cm high by 124 and LTeX foam mattress with 7 zones of distribution of weight for 310. The foam mattress to buy it a little more hard than what my body weight normally requires this to avoid that when I acostara with the viscoelastic supplement I sink too. I even went to the store of mattresses to try with my supplement viscoelastic foam mattress. In total pay 434 for the same thing.

When is it told the woman in the shop she had to accept that it is in fact the same. My best advice informensen either to try out. And if you need a viscoelastic mattress and don’t have much money because then this may be a good option for you. If you want to know a little bit more about foam mattress I recommend you read looking for a good mattress part 2. Foam mattress by clicking here.


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Network Marketing

Choosing a decent sponsor for the partnership in the MLM project – this is a very delicate matter and those who do not fully understand the importance of this event, at risk of losing a lot of energy, resources, and most importantly, time in online business! Who does not know, MLM Sponsor – this is not the one who gives money, and those who help you earn them, it's practically your mentor. As well as the choice of an appropriate network of the company, the choice of sponsor – the question is thin and requires a special approach. After all, Are you looking for a person with whom you work more than one year, and the effectiveness of your business will largely depend on it. Of course, the product marketing plan for the company and other issues are important, but in the long term – Human Factors always more important, and it's a fact! Let's start! What you need to know about your future MLM Sponsor? 1. In what company he worked for previously? Acquainted with your potential sponsor, you need to know to which network the company He worked previously and why he joined the company. Analyze its response.

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