How To Prepare You To Preach

If you are taking your first steps in what is the preaching of the word of God, on more than one occasion perhaps encountered you this question: how should I prepare myself to preach.In other words, that steps you must follow, or where to begin. Very often they ask me these questions. Today I’m going to give you a simple but essential steps that you prepare in the best way, either spiritual and biblically. Before I tell you that if what you want and crave is actually be a preacher of the word of God, I must be very honest with you: it is not something so easy and that should be taken lightly, this is a very sacred task, so it requires dedication, consecration and total surrender to the Lord. Then a few points that you should take into account in how prepare to preach: 1. devotes at least 1 (one) hour per day for the study of the word of God. Do not say, Oh that boring! Try, is initially going to be a little difficult but you need to do if you want to be a preacher of the Gospel.

2. Departure time for prayer as I would like to tell you about the prayer but I don’t want to dwell much on this article. But you know, the preachers who follow the biblical model take prayer seriously. They saturate prayer to prepare your message. If you want to present the message of God with power, prayer should permeate your life. Prayer ministries during biblical times, always played an important role. And since those days, prayer has remained as a supreme priority for preachers. 3 Organize your message.

In an article that I wrote on my official Blog how to preach for the first time, I made mention of some important aspects which I am not going to repeat here, but I recommend you to read it. But in addition to the advice that I give you there, I recommend you to be very selective when developing your library, this I tell you that if you still don’t have it, you’ll need at least from a Bible Dictionary. And it is not my intention to do any propaganda in any material particular, I know that there are very good dictionaries on the market is for the investigation of the biblical text that you’ll need this material. 4 I know Original when it comes to preach. Do not copy anyone, you should not fall into the error to preach a message that you heard there; If you do the above steps you’ll not need be copying anyone, let Dios te use as only he wants to do it through his holy spirit! Do not get me discouraged, these steps in how prepare to preach are so simple when we turn them into habits in our daily life. What I recommend you do is the following: print this article in paper, and this weekend before breakfast read it carefully again and again, then begins to take the first step, i.e. the one point and so on. Blessings for your life and Ministry of preaching.

House Time

The rent of houses is necessary when it does not have enough money to buy one. There are even cases in which the rent of a dwelling to the purchase as a way to avoid various problems faced by the owners is preferred.When the search for housing begins to rent should take enough time to assess several factors before giving the final Yes. In addition to the look and the price of housing should take into account the quality and safety of the building. It is also advisable to consider the neighborhood where it is located.Topics such as orientation, ventilation and noise of the housing must be taken into account when it comes to realize the rent of houses, since this will depend on the comfort and feel comfortable in a new home. It is not advisable to start looking for House to rent with long time in advance. Arrange the rent of houses, once the tenant has decided to rent it, is usually resolved quickly so there may be another person who rent the House elected before that one. The time that has to be calculated to move and start searching with no more than one month in advance. Start to search for rents of houses with little time in advance would prevent see several options that can be interesting, nobody wants to move rushed to the first that is. It would be good to see various departments, at least four or five, before making a decision. But too much time in advance to search for rents of houses is not advisable since opportunities may be lost by the inability to realize the business at the right time.