Corrosion is the reaction of different metals, which mainly takes place in conjunction with the air. Humidity and air temperature, salts and wear occurring contaminants in the air, depending on the extent to accelerate the corrosion process at. Not all metals show the same corrosion. Thus, in some, such as copper or zinc, to just staining and they are almost imperceptible, worn over a long time. By contrast, ferrous metals become brittle and crumble from the surface to really – it creates rust.

To slow down the progression of the so-occurring impairment at least, a suitable corrosion protection measure is taken. To this end the existing rust is removed thoroughly and so restore an uncontaminated material surface. A rust removal can be done manually, using a traditional wire brush. This method is time and energy consuming and the necessary thoroughness is not guaranteed in any case. In contrast, the benefits of an angle grinder with a brush attachment already less stressful and more effective.

However, this resource is not granted to the achievement of each affected angle. The most thorough method of removing rust is the most sandblasting, because beyond the reach with tremendous pressure on the metal particles be taken into tiny holes and corners, and the rust off. T parker host follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The combination with water while the annoying dust formation is avoided. Exact cleaned, can now be applied corrosion protection. There are different appropriate ways. A very accurate and durable protection created by the hot dip galvanizing. Here, the metal to be protected in a highly heated bathroom zinc dipped and coated with a thin, even layer. The liability of the zinc is very strong. And the galvanizing provides a very accurate and durable protection. By electrolysis to get to the removal of a metal, for example, copper, and the concomitant of the protective sheathing. There are also several paintings, which are also good, some long-lived Protection guarantee. When choosing a paint should be noted that what influences will be exposed. Several types of financing, such as brushing, rolling or spraying permit, depending on the workpiece surface, concrete and speedy work. To protect and conserve the best metal, a corrosion protection should be made prior to entering first change.