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He hates the word industry veteran, but he is just one: Usingen – specialist journalist Martin Deppe joins the editorial team of game tips. Deppe has been working in the game industry since 1995: as a journalist (PC Player, GameStar, PC PowerPlay), as well as producer (CDV, Tessloff). In his regular column the game match prediction takes Munster current events, trends, and the gaming industry on the grain. Also, he teaches the game tips authors in the revival of the genitive and combats unnecessary Anglicisms and bloopers with them. Because nine out of ten PM quotes to start off that anyone quite doll rejoices, I will write that in no way “, so Martin Deppe about his new responsibilities,” instead, I have a question: where the hell is Usingen. Usingen is located about 35 km north of Frankfurt am Main in the beautiful Taunus, explains Matthias Gross Managing Director marketing and business development at the bread and games GmbH, the obvious.

Geography weakness of his new employee. “But although the Frankfurt region rather than finance because media stronghold is known as: according to AGOF I 2008 reached game tips 1.33 million people every month. Thus we have our competitors in Hamburg and Munich have long left far behind us, as Matthias Gross further, and now but honestly looking forward in PM poetry: I am pleased that Martin is on board with us he will help us to expand our lead. Martin Deppe Martin Deppe was Deputy Editor at PC Player, Editor-in-Chief of GameStar, games producer and editor in Chief of PC PowerPlay. In early 2008, he founded his company Word playmaker and works as a freelance producer, journalist and author. Currently he produces among other things the DS game what is what: sunken treasures “, which appears at the Tessloff-Verlag. Also, he regularly writes articles for online and print magazines. About is Germany’s strongest range game portal (according to AGOF with 1.33 million unique users I-2008). On more than 100,000 pages of content, the website provides extensive information to all that are interested in PC and console gamers: latest news, comprehensive test reports undredaktionelle reporting, about 130,000 tips, more than 200,000 screenshots and over 1,100 solutions to more than 18,000 games. The game tips test mirror ( test /) helps with 25,000 reviews and ratings in the purchasing decisions of current PC and console games.

The Yen Government New New Currency

Few hours after knowing the result last the elections in Japan, the past 31 of August, the yen gave the first warning: it marked maximums in his change with the Euro in more than five weeks, with the dollar in seven months and its value even raised with respect to the other 14 more active currencies of the market. Fifteen days later the new minister of finances announced that: a strong yen is good for Japan. These words of Hirohisa Fujii, let glimpse that, the change of government after more than 50 years of liberal party, could take passage to different monetary policy. The democratic party, far from those to impel to the loss the quote of its currency to foment the sales to the outside as many hoped, has promised to put more money in the hands of the Japaneses, in a effort to modify a dependent economy of the exports towards which it puts more emphasis in the national demand. In any case, the analysts take these declarations wisely. the Japanese, exporting economy by nature, forces to that a well-taken care of one with the fluctuations and with appreciations of the yen is had in particular special.

Thus, and independent of the government or of his political direction, who operates the Japanese monetary policy must pay much attention to him to the movements of the yen against main international currencies. , affirms Juan Dieste, analyst of OreyiTrade. The Japanese economy has been one of first in assuring that it has left the recession, after announcing in August that its GIP had grown in the second trimester of the year 3.7% in annual base and real terms. Nevertheless, still it has a difficult way to cross. His high indebtedness (near the 200% of the GIP), together with increasing rate of unemployment of 5.7% (a record for this country) and worrisome aging of his population (with the consequence high social cost) causes that many doubt that the new governing democratic party is able to fulfill their electoral promises, that include cuts of taxes and ascents in the social cost, to the time that they promise to environmental commitment and student aid.