Virgin Islands

Strength – 44-47 degrees. Aroma: when the production of molasses being very long fermentation. As a result, a bright bouquet of flavor. In its pure form is usually not used. Strong – much stronger than standard 40 -Nogo. Fortress is over 75 degrees. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Angela Zepeda has to say. Mellow – it's rum is the premium. Matured in barrels for more than 5 years.

Denoted on the label the word anejo (aged). Use it as whiskey – relishing in its purest form. This Bacardi 8, Fernandez family's Ron de Barrilito 3 Star. There is also a class of super-premium, a rum as Appleton Estate's 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum. What to choose? The island of Barbados has long remained the leader of rum – and today there is rum Mount Gay, Malibu Rum, and others. Then with the advent of Bacardi was a leader of Cuba.

Bacardi family was forced to leave Island on the threshold of the revolution, but they were able to rebuild the production in the Bahamas. But their Cuban refineries to locate production rum Havana Club. The most famous Jamaican rum – Captain Morgan. This is the second most popular rum in the world. Captain Henry Morgan was once the chief pirate of the West Indies – who later became governor of Jamaica. He was a famous fan of Roma and during his governorship cane plantation on the island have increased several times. Another Jamaican rum – Myer's Original, Appleton Estate. Ron Matusalem and Don Q produced in Puerto Rico, Demerara in Guyana, Barbancourt – in Haiti, Saint James and Damoiseau – France, Brugal – in the Dominican Republic, Gosling's – Bermuda. Rum produced in other countries – Austria, Australia, Canada, Spain, in the Philippines. In many countries, sugar cane, of course, is not growing, but they buy in the Caribbean crude alcohol and blended it. How to drink rum? Rum made to submit by the glass 'old-fashioned' with a thick, even thicker bottom. Usually with add ice and lemon. So drink aged rum with great flavor. A white rum included in the composition of cocktails. This is a hot rum punch (rum, water, tea, sugar, lemon juice), and Cuban Cuba Libre and Daiquiri. Por Cuba Libre! – Shouted the fighters for Cuba independence in 1900. And under such a toast drinking a mixture of rum and Hispanic American Coca-Cola. Daiquiri, named after the Cuban beach, a mixture of rum with lemon juice and sugar – this blend of old adored Ham. Then came the more sophisticated Mai Tai and Zombie. And the most popular cocktails are coconut-pineapple Pina Colada from Puerto Rico and the green-mint Mojito (mojito). Bermuda drink cocktail Dark and Stormy, the Virgin Islands – Painkiller, but the French love the Ti Punch. On the basis of Roma are preparing and other alcoholic beverages. For example Jagertee – a mixture of rum and black tea. And a note of housewives – rum is widely used in cooking: it is added to cakes and pastries for the taste, it is soaked fruit, and the Caribbean added to the marinades.

Belly Fat

Chili is an insider’s tip when it comes to losing weight with Chili flavored meals rain metabolism what promotes fat loss and weight loss can lead to. A study found that the participants at the meals that were seasoned with chili pepper, 10-80 extra calories burned. Chili pepper raises a thermodynamic heating. This thermodynamic heating can take up to 5 hours and speed up metabolism. This prevents new fat is stored which can also help to get belly fat away. In addition, chili stimulates also the circulation and promotes blood circulation, which also a regulated digestion to the Folger may have. The contained capsaicin, which gives its sharpness to the chili – caused the release of endorphins, which minimizes the feeling of pain in the body. It is also responsible for the stimulation of the metabolism by up to 25%.

Thus it causes that the body can utilize glucose to about a quarter of worse – it helps weight and belly so that to reduce fat to get away. A few interesting details about the Chili: 100 g chilli contains 110-160 mg vitamin C, so twice as much as a whole lemon. Chilli is rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), C, E, and P as well as flavonoids and carotenoids. Chili can have the following additional benefits: protection of the arteries of cancer prevention migraine defense immune regulation of high blood pressure and of course help with weight reduction increasingly bring chili sharpness in the food is healthy, helps break down fat for weight loss and the belly….