Moishe Rosenberg

Private investors can invest now in the radioactive end products. BundesInvest acquires the storage in the Kingsway to bunker in London and takes care of the transport of the goods. For investors the possibility on his certificate is to award certificates and to generate not only the system of licensing extra profit. The construction of its own barrels made of steel, the so-called EUROB22C barrels were only the beginning for the company that in the future everything from a single source would like to provide. Wholesalers are then served at the location of Gdask, which will also provide storage bunker.

October 2012 to go this into operation and make up to 90% of its activity in the field of transport of radioactive end products. BundesInvest is growing faster than the market. In the fiscal year 2010 (31.12), the company could its Increase sales by 63% to 53.8 million euros. The EBIT margin amounted to 18 percent. The company, existing since 2008 has begun 2009 with internationalization and is still growing. We have set our focus in the last 4 years solid on the extension of our sites. Now, we want to invest further in the research success”, says Dr.

Imanov. Currently, each BundesInvest is 48% owned by the founding members of Dr. Igor Imanov and Moishe Rosenberg. Around 2 Pronzent keeping the employees of management at BundesInvest. The emission is accompanied by the alternative Bank Zurich as sole lead manager and sole Bookrunner. The private bank Geneva is co-lead manager. Eva Wittke

Victor Perez Acosta

It still does not fit doubts that, at the present time, the service of traffic analysis of Google, popularly known like the Analytics, is one of the most complete benefits of those than the people in charge of sites arrange, in comparison with other tools of payment. Any consultant of marketing in Internet will have to be soaked well in the diverse functions that the Google Analytics they have to offer. Some of these functions are not used very frequently, nevertheless, would be a good idea to learn to use them, because, in which it does to marketing in the Web, the information is to be able. The first tool that will be to us from singular utility is the alert. The Analytics will give the possibility us of creating a series of alert, that they consist of which, of automated way, the system will send an electronic mail to us, warning to us that the event that we have formed it has happened. For example, we will be able to create an alert that it indicates to us when the traffic of someday surpasses in more of a certain percentage to the one of the previous day. That is to say, by means of alert of Google, we will be able to compare the visits to a site, with any value that we want: the previous day, or a fixed number of visitors. The configuration of the alert is well simple.

Simply we punctured in My personalisations, on the left lateral bar, and do click in Intelligence. In the screen that is abre, we punctured in Creating new alert, and will take us screen to a new, where selecting the wished options, we will only have our alert created in a pair of clicks. Within My personalisations, we were with another function very useful for Google CATHEDRAL, the one To administer the Advanced Segments. By means of this function, we will be able to segment our users of more efficient way, and this will give more precise information us at the time of defining with more certainty the profile of our users, grouping the visitors according to certain criteria. We enter, then, in Advanced Segments, and soon we punctured where says Haga click to create one here. The construction of the filter is made dragging simply the elements within the group. The system frequently will allow us to have a previous view of the filter, to be able to realise the corresponding modifications.

Thus, we will be able to create a filter, for example, that gives back to the relation between accesses and unique purchases to us. The analytical ones of Google will allow us to compare the information historically, to add the functions that more interest us to the Dashboard, or board, and to follow well the different parameters from our visitors close by: unique visits, relation enters visits and campaigns of marketing on line, or segmentation by several criteria. This service of Google is an invaluable tool of cathedral Internet marketing, and without doubts it agrees to spend some time to him to perfect the use of his many commandos.

Public Relations

But before that, we will see a trimester more of strategy extend and to disguise on the part of the people in charge of the policy, that most probable is than it is counter-productive and it leads to us quickly a point of flexion and hope for the rest of 2012. The world-wide economy loosen the pedal of accelerator in the 2011 when vanishing growth of the foreign trade and the stimuli of the government; and the perspective for 2012 aim at more of the same. The developed economies are going to suffer with the weakness of the domestic demand, as the programs of austerity and the battered labor markets pass invoice, whereas the emergent economies see be reduced the foreign trade. This means that it will have to trust more the inner demand, which will cause that the central banks conduct battle and reduce the types. Generally, we hoped that the growth anywhere in the world continues stopping in 2012 until the 3 percent . The complete report of the Perspective of 2012 includes the following analyses: Premise for 2012; A year of great changes The crisis of the EU Austerity of the public sector Social tensions Economic growth Markets of variable rent Types of interest Currencies Alternative scenes Commentary of market: at sight perfect storm Macroeconomic perspective: Sailing by shaken waters of the perfect storm Variable rent: To accept that the future he is uncertain and to assimilate it Currencies: The life follows (practically) equal Monetary policy: Main central banks Perspective of Asia: The belts are fastened, we are on the verge of taking off Raw materials the markets are prepared for the difficulties Currency options: More margin of ascent for volatileness Contact with means: Kasper Elbjrn, Person in charge of the Group of Public Relations +45 3065 4300 On Saxo Bank Saxo Bank an organization leader specialized in investment and TRADING online. When being an authorized and completely regulated European bank, Saxo Bank allows to the private investors and the institutional clients to negotiate with FX, CFD, ETF, Action, Futures, Options and other derivatives through its completely integrated specialized platforms of negotiation and; the platform Web SaxoWebTrader, the platform of SaxoTrader unloading and the SaxoMobileTrader application available in more than 20 languages. Saxo Bank also offers a professional portfolio and the management of bottoms through Service of Management of Assets, that counts so much with clients deprived with high patrimonies as with institutional investors and offers banking services and of advising to the retail clients by means of Saxo Privatbank. The Group Saxo Bank has his soothes in Copenhagen and has offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.