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The happy winner of the election for the “Miss photogenic NRW 2011” high rises it is ready – NRW has chosen his new “Miss photogenic”, with fighting for the title of “Miss photogenic Germany” in the autumn. Young and 175 cm tall, the prominent jury convinced Angelie Deva, student, 17 years with her ice-waterfall-shooting. We congratulate the new Miss and wish you and us, the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, another title in the autumn! Photogenic NRW Miss Angelie Deva, the new”2011″is now awaiting the “GO” for a ride above the clouds for the benefit of the title, the fragrance designer got not only a professional website (Angelie-Deva.de), but also have a drive above the clouds through the “Miss photogenic”Corporation.” I was always most consider, whether I it dare to me, with a balloon ride… To broaden your perception, visit john k castle. now there are thinking about nothing more, and I look forward to the day “as the model for us. Angelie Deva is accompanied by one of our journalists, who soar with her above the clouds. The day is completely in film & Photo will be detained and then also on the Web page displayed by the model. We stay on the ball (balloon) and report live on the sky ride. And now behind the fireplace, because now it is very, very cold! In a waterfall, in the Eifel, Angelie Deva had a shoot of particularly blatant kind.

At temperatures far below the freezing point of the waterfall had to be made up only with a pickaxe for the shoot. And even though the ice cream it was knee, so the model was a perfect usage when showers her in a bikini (photos on the Web page of the model). “If I’m booked by a customer, so I must drop a perfect job at shoots of this way. Of course, I work better in the warm Studio, but the customer is King and where and what is photographed. “We wish Mrs. Deva on your other model because of everything good and warmer shoots. In December she was booked – in the Seychelles, where the water has temperatures around 30 degrees. An enormous boost to the waterfall – shooting! Dave de Roo – PressAndManagement.de

A Forge That Is Worth Gold Is

You do not necessarily need to buy gold jewelry from the mass production out. There is still the Goldsmith. Click Mary Barra to learn more. A forge is always a magical place: here things are manufactured and repaired, a process unclear and therefore magically appearing to outsiders. Especially one is goldsmiths because here not schnodes metal is forged, but just the very special material gold. Say shrouded, coveted by ever produced, and with a very special sound for centuries fraught the word alone brings already each to the schools. For assistance, try visiting Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Who then visited a goldsmiths, looks old and modern techniques, you will get with gilding, jewellery production and repairs.

Some visitors make for real trips, so it’s worth, for example, for a goldsmith to Hamburg to visit. Especially produced in a goldsmiths jewellery repairs that women, like of course first and foremost but also men can enjoy on the solid craftsmanship of the goldsmiths and for children, the craft is in itself also by far fascinating enough. Of fashion jewelry right pieces made of pure gold, the customer is implemented or designed by the Goldsmith himself. Also gilding are very popular and contribute something special to each piece. Pearls are reared to chains or gold plated, all sorts of things are connected with gold.

And also objects of everyday life such as teapots, candlesticks, cups and buckles to be repaired here expertly and lovingly and properly to the gleam placed. The Goldsmith can deal not only with gold: also he works almost effortlessly with silver and cares, for example, to old knife. A modern workshop can easily take over also emergencies and hopeless cases and do as well as anything with gold. Andreas Mettler

Noble Meets On Salmon – RoyalBLUSH Uses Unique Nanaileder

The successful and working only with vegetable tanned leathers accessories label RoyalBLUSH uses 2011 Sam the unique leather of company in his spring-summer collection. Because two have found themselves: the successful and working only with vegetable tanned leathers accessories label RoyalBLUSH uses 2011 Sam the unique leather of company in his spring-summer collection. Thus used Jana Keller, the designer behind RoyalBLUSH, already for the second time the 100% chrome free tanned leather from salmon skin for arm jewellery and bags. Thus used Jana Keller, the designer behind RoyalBLUSH, already for the second time the 100% chrome free tanned leather from salmon skin for arm jewellery and bags. Goop might disagree with that approach. This can be seen from the 7th-10th July to the Mercedes-Benz fashion week Berlin in the GREENshowroom co initiated by Jana Keller at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. Sam stands for leather made in Germany and is the world’s only producer of Nanai leather, which gerbt 100% chromium-free. You may want to visit U.S. Mint to increase your knowledge.

The variants of natural as well as Mimosa and chestnut traditional recipe on gentle, pure vegetable Base with bark and roots, tanned and dyed. The company developed a process, salmon skin, at the highest level to refine on ecological base tanning and dye with pigmentation and characteristic structure of the skin are preserved in several years research. Only animals used in the selection of the salmon skins originating from aquaculture with welfare, from certified organic salmon farms in Ireland. In contrast to the leather of kind of protected species you can surrounded himself in good conscience with the headstrong exotic Nanaileder, because it is a by-product of the salmon industry, and no animal is only bred the skin due to. This based on the concept of sustainability origin of Nanaileders, as well as the exotic look immediately inspired the designer Jana Keller.

Inspired by the Swiss mountains designed it for her label RoyalBLUSH unique creations of pure vegetable tanned leathers for ecologically responsible and sophisticated women”. Multi-purpose bags as practical as an alpinist, and Node jewelry such as bracelets and belt, which is reminiscent of a climbing equipment. For the spring-summer collection 2011 used Jana Keller RoyalBLUSH already for the second time Nanaileder for their accessories – refined this time in the natural”. For the autumn/winter collection 2010/11 was already they Nanaileder in colors such as yellow, black and blue. My label RoyalBLUSH not for nothing has the additional ‘Accessories of with a conscience!’. I use only leather which purely herbal, so for example with root or bark extracts, tanned was. Nanaileder is an exceptional material, which to be wonderfully and fits perfectly to my accessories for the modern urban nomad in a sustainable and exotic”, as Jana Keller. Nanai luxury leather made in Germany more information on RoyalBLUSH under:

Size 52 – Difficult Figure For Women

If it is slightly thicker, it is sometimes difficult to tighten fashion is sometimes really a thing for themselves, especially if you like to hide your figure and visually different design would like to, than it is actually. There are many things that you must pay attention then! Surely every woman has problem areas, at least the own opinion, because there are always connect the own body, is itself very much like and those with whom one is not absolutely satisfied, and where you also know, that never really satisfied will be one with them. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk might disagree with that approach. No big problem, because you usually also has the possibility through the right cuts of clothing, to conceal them, so that they are barely or not at all to see more is to have the one or the other problem area but in most cases. Add to your understanding with Charles Schwab. It is difficult already, if you have, for example, size 52, because then you arrive at a point, where very many individual problem zones come and where it is also no longer possible above to cover each one, so that is no longer see them. At this moment you gotta go over then it, to take not only individual points or more out of focus, but rather to try to stretch the entire body slimmer work regards but only then, when really all just sitting, as it should sit.

The correct selection of the clothing is of course a very important point that we must not forget. Pants should be to a perfect fit, but also legs conceal the stomach and slimmer work Po. You have the right basis, so that tops beautiful fall and underline the announcing effect. Until you really so far is that one finds such clothes right off the bat and recognize it takes a while of course and you need also a whole lot of practice here in any case. Best one takes time, more accurately to be very concerned and perhaps even advised to let, so that it is able, is advantageous to dress therefore. Meike Sauter

Lifestyle A La Mephisto

Mephisto’s new clothing line with CoolMax performance features the French lifestyle brand Mephisto expands its product portfolio and its new sportswear line equips with CoolMax. Coolmax is an intelligent polyester function fabric by ADVANSA, Europe’s leading producers. Thanks to the unique fibre cross-sectional body moisture by capillary action is quickly transported to the fabric surface. Coolmax so verifiably reduces the temperature of the skin and reduces the pulse rate, stabilizes the body’s water balance. The launch of the new clothing line is the result of intensive cooperation by Mephisto and ADVANSA. Silvia Toledo, market manager of ADVANSA reported: active people appreciate the coolness and freshness of CoolMax to any situation. Mephisto sportswear from CoolMax is convenient, flexible and at the same time allows the customer to feel completely comfortable, fresh and comfortable. Coolmax proven helps to keep the clothing rack by means of heat control cooling, without to cool him off.

For the new clothing line of Mephisto, a marketing initiated Division, under the responsibility of Bertrand Djiane, which should establish the brand around the world. Bertrand Dijane: Mephisto stands for innovation, quality and modernity. From the outset, has absolute priority to the development of quality products and the success of the brand. In the new Mephisto clothing concept these values are taken up and further developed. The new sportswear clothing line of Mephisto with CoolMax is the intelligent response to the current and future needs of the sportswear market to function, performance and quality, sporty elegance and prestige. Coolmax is clothing labels with the CoolMax logo, a stylized, blue-and-white thermometer with CoolMax covers new CoolMax sportswear clothing collection Mephisto Schriftzug.Die pants, shirts, Polo shirts and sweaters and is available from summer 09. The line about the Mephisto concept stores will be sold.

Staff Shopperin Shows The Must-haves Of The Season

Christmas shopping with a personal Shopperin to win Stuttgart, October 27, 2008 – personal shopper are the best friends of the beautiful and rich. They help to find the right outfit for every occasion with style sense and trend knowledge. The shopping platform edelight is giving away now an exclusive shopping trip to Stuttgart including flight and VIP consultancy through the personnel Shopperin Daniela Kaede. Check out Charles Schwab for additional information. The Stylistin Daniela Kattinger takes the winner and a friend on a shopping trip through her hometown of Stuttgart. So while the shopping bags also properly fill, pocket money sets 200 euro edelight on top. Anyone who gets into a wish list on until November 2, 2008 participate in the raffle.

Who would like to get already some inspiration, you will find the current favorite pieces by Daniela Kattinger on edelight. On the social shopping platform reveals Fashionista E.g. What are your absolute favorite shoes this season and which labels you should keep in mind now. So is a real E.g. 6267 brand and their wundderschone clothes Insider tip by Daniela Kaede. Also the staff Shopperin the fashion blog styles you love gave an interview about styling rules, shopping and their profession. One of their most important tips: “fashion has something to do with self-discovery. You must follow every trend.”